When Is Nirjala Ekadashi? What To Eat After Breaking Your Fast

India is often called the land of festivals for a reason. All kinds of festivals big and small are celebrated with much fervour throughout the country. Many Hindu festivals in India call for fasting or following some dietary principles. For instance, the Ekadashis, there are a total of twenty-four Ekadashis present in a year. Ekādaśī, also spelled as Ekādaśi, is the eleventh lunar day (tithi) of each of the two lunar phases which occur in a Vedic calendar month. In the Sanatana Dharma, Ekadashi holds a lot of relevance. Nirjala Ekadashi is one of the most important Ekadashis to be celebrated in the Hindu lunar calendar. The word ‘Nirjala’ means ‘without water’. So, the devotees who opt to fast on this day, refrain from drinking water too, in addition to food. It is one of the toughest fasts to observe, since one can eat only after ‘Parana’ or afternoon/evening time when you break the fast. Since the fast is so difficult, pregnant women, the sick, and the elderly are not advised to keep this fast.

Nirjala Ekadashi is being observed all around India today, i.e 10th June and the tithi ends on 11th June as per the Hindu calendar. It is said that the day is so auspicious, that if you fast on just this one day, it makes up for all the Ekadashis you missed out on.  

Nirjala Ekadashi, is also known as Pandava Ekadashi, or Bhimseni Ekadashi or Bhima Ekadashi. And as you must have guessed, the name comes from the Pandava hero Bhima or Bhimsen. Not only was he renowned for his huge build, but he was also known to be a voracious eater, because of which it was practically difficult for him to fast. However, he did apparently fasted one day with utmost dedication, without consuming even a drop of water and the Gods were so impressed that this Ekadashi also came to be known as Bhima Ekadashi. And whoever could fast on this Ekadashi would be forgiven for missing on past Ekadashis, or so the legends say.  

The fast is observed in honour of Lord Vishnu. Those who observe the fast, eat only after the Parana.  

The Parana time for Nirjala Ekadashi this year is:

On 11th Jun, Parana Time - 01:44 PM to 04:32 PM, as per Drikpanchang.com

Ekadashi Tithi begins at 07:25 AM on Jun 10, 2022

Ekadashi Tithi ends at 05:45 AM on Jun 11, 2022

What To Eat After Breaking Your Fast?

It is best to eat energy-inducing foods. Foods that are high in complex carbs and protein are good idea. So ingredients like sabudana, makhana, sama chawal and vegetables like pumpkin, potatoes, bottle gourd and greens would be a good idea. Sabudana is a satvik food, which means, it is light on tummy and keep your digestive fire in good shape. It is energising and satiating, without being heavy like meat or eggs.  

For your delicious lunch, you can cook up a yummy Sabudana khichdi that you can pair with dahi or raita. You can also have some kachumber salad made of chopped cucumber, tomatoes and coriander leaves on the side. For an additional sugary kick, you can also tuck into a peda after the meal. And to keep a steady inflow of nutrients, you can also keep mint chaas for drinks.