What’s Cooking In Neena Gupta’s Kitchen?
Image Credit: Neena Gupta/Instagram, She tried khandvi at home.

A foodie who also likes to cook is not an unusual combination of traits. And Neena Gupta just testified to that. The 63-year-old actor has done some remarkable work onscreen and allured her fans with her acting skills. However, another side of her personality that attracts people the most is her love for cooking. With a lively spirit and positive attitude, Neena can be seen in the kitchen once in a while whipping up some yummy dishes. This time, it was the Gujarati snack that made her day. Recently, she made Khandvi at home and it looked lip-smacking. For the unversed, Khandvi is a popular snack from Gujarati cuisine that has made its way into Maharashtrian cuisine as well. 

The tiny, yellow-coloured rolls are bite-sized and easy to pop into the mouth. A combination of gram flour and yoghurt, khandvi is very soft and velvety in texture, usually garnished with mustard seeds. While snacking is really a thing in India, with samosas and kachoris prepared for evening, Neena suffices her shaam wali bhookh with homemade Gujarati khandvi. She took to her Instagram stories to share a picture of her latest creation. The dish looked absolutely delicious and tempting. 

Source: Shutterstock

However, this isn’t the first time that the actor has stepped into the kitchen to create something. Earlier this year, she shared a quick recipe of a unique Indian subzi called Lauki Ka Bharta. While Baigan Ka Bharta (eggplant) is common, Lauki Ka Bharta wasn’t known to many until Neena shared her 15-minute recipe with her followers. Previously, she has also been spotted indulging in healthy breakfast ideas like her Atte Ka Chilla. Another time, she even tried her hands at giving misal a healthy twist. For the uninitiated, misal is a spicy curry from Maharashtrian cuisine, usually paired with Pav. 

In fact, the actor gives out hacks and ways to use leftovers too, like the time she made appe with leftover idli batter at home. Her kitchen diaries are quite a hit on social media and she keeps surprising her fans with different kinds of cooking experiments.