5 Traditional Gujarati Tea Time Snacks You Must Try
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Gujarati cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most popular culinary traditions in India, with delicacies from the state being served at different restaurants around the world too. Foodies love to indulge in dhokla, pathra, samosa and fafda among other snacks and dishes. Gujarati thalis are a class apart. Apart from the snacks mentioned above, the state’s traditional food platter also features desserts like Mohan thal, jalebi and doodh pak, which are made from pulses or whole beans. However, the true essence of Gujarati cuisine lies in the innovative use of common vegetables and mild spices. It’s an excellent combination of flavours, with sweet undertones dominating most dishes such as Gujarati kadhi, dhokla and fafda. The state’s climate is mostly hot and dry, and so people there include tomatoes and lemon in their diet to stay hydrated. Another distinguishing feature of Gujarati cuisine is the mouthwatering blend of sweet and sour flavours. The state is famous for its snacks that go well with the evening tea. These snacks are usually light and less spicy. 

Here are a few Gujarati snacks that can pair perfectly with your evening tea


A savoury vegetable cake, Handvo is a traditional Gujarati snack which is commonly cooked with a bottle gourd filling but can also be made with a variety of other vegetables. Crushed peanuts are sometimes used as well. Handvo batter is made using rice and a variety of lentils that have been rinsed, dried and pulverised. To make a fermented batter, the pulses are mixed with yoghurt. Instead of rice, moong dal or chana dal can be used to make handvo. It's often served with pickles or tea.

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Also known as patuli, dahiwadi or suralichi vadi, khandvi is a savoury snack popular in Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisines. It's mostly made using gram flour and yoghurt and comes in yellowish, tightly rolled bite-sized pieces. Khandvi is widely available in India and is often consumed as an appetiser or snack. It is sometimes served with garlic chutney. Soft khandvi with a cup of tea is all you need for your evening tea time.

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