What Are R. Madhavan's Vegetarian Favourites
Image Credit: R. Madhavan/Instagram, His favourite food is curd rice.

Actor R. Madhavan is currently busy promoting his new film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. And while he has always managed to woo the audiences with his performance in all his movies, it is his foodie side that many do not know about. The actor is a hard-core food lover, and interestingly, a pure vegetarian too. He loves eating and tries to explore novel cuisines and regional flavours when he is travelling for film shoots and leisure. Although he gives into his cravings once in a while, he also knows how to maintain himself and keep his body in shape. The good part is that the 52-year-old actor has managed to maintain his fit physique only through his vegetarian diet and without the use of any supplements, according to a report by MensXP. 

Did you know that Madhavan is a Tamil Brahmin, who enjoys having his native food every day? Yes, that is true. The actor likes to enjoy the traditional Tamil meal on most days and his most favourite dish is Curd Rice. For the uninitiated, Curd Rice is a combination of soft cooked rice and unsweetened yoghurt. This is a popular dish in many parts of South India and is a great meal during summers as it keeps the body cool. Another dish that Madhavan swears by is rice kanji, as per an interview on YouTube. Kanji is a dish that consists of fermented rice that is kept overnight after boiling. This is mixed with water and homemade curd and usually has a soupy consistency. It is often considered to be rice porridge. 

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Not only does he eat, he likes to cook too. According to his Instagram stories that share glimpses of his cooking stints in the kitchen, we are assuming that he likes to cook for his wife. If snacking has a name for Madhavan, it has to be samosa. He loves to devour the deep-fried conical pastry filled with bite-sized potatoes and spices. Interestingly, it isn’t just the diverse Indian fare that the actor is fond of. He loves to indulge in Chinese and Continental delights too, as per his interview with a lifestyle channel recently. The fact that he gulped down 12 packets of instant noodles in one go during a shoot is proof enough of Madhavan’s love for Chinese, as per a report of a national daily.