8 Yummy Vegetarian Snacks For Rainy Evenings
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

While parts of India are affected by floods, many states are still struggling with the scorching heat. As these places are moving towards the season when the pleasant weather takes over, the sweet smell of rain makes its way through the window panes that are already soaked in rain. The cooling rain will finally bring relief from the scorching heat. It will soon be that time of the year when most of our mornings will begin with a pitter-patter of rain, and the day will end with it too. 

Our favourite monsoon season is almost here, and so is the season when our cravings for all crispy and crunchy things come alive. From deep-fried pakoras and kachoris to roasted bhutta, paired with hot masala chai, rainy days just seem to be incomplete without these treats, don’t you think? That will always seem incomplete without crunchy snacks and chai.  

If you are looking for some savoury vegetarian ideas to make your rainy days memorable, we have got you covered. Here are eight options that will surely leave you drooling. 

1. Aloo Chaat  

While we know that one should avoid eating street food during monsoons due to the high risk of infection, you can always recreate your favourite street foods at home. Chaats are one of India’s most amazing contributions to world cuisine, and this Dilli-special aloo chaat is one of the most popular chaats ever. A heaven for potato lovers, it comes with tantalising hot potatoes slathered over with masalas. Delicious, isn’t it?

2. Pyaz Pakoda 

A staple monsoon snack, pyaz pakoras are basically deep fried, mildly-spiced onion fritters, topped with some of your favourite masalas. These pakoras taste simply heavenly when paired with zingy mint chutney.

3. Murukku

A crispy, fried delicacy from South India, Murukku is a coiled snack, which translates to twisted in Tamil. In this case, it refers to the shape of this yummy, savoury snack. It is indeed a popular tea-time snack made from rice flour or urad dal flour and seasoned with salt as well as some select spices. It is super easy to make at home, and would go perfectly well for your rainy-day binge.  

4. Samosa 

Another staple rainy snack, and we are sure you saw this one coming. Samosas are fried puffed pastry with delectable potato filling that have a soft-spot in every Indian’s heart. You can always experiment with the filling and go with a moong dal one, paneer and cashew one and so much more. But make sure to pair it with a sweet and spicy chutney.

5. Corn Chaat 

Monsoon season is incomplete without corn, and you may get roasted bhutta everywhere on the street during the rainy season, this corn bhel recipe is a different take on it altogether. It has just the right mix of tangy and spicy to enjoy on a rainy day. If you want you can throw in some sprouts, tomato and onion too, squeeze some lemon on top and have yourself a bowl brimming with nutrients and yummy flavours.

6. Batata Vada 

A staple in Mumbai in all seasons, Batata Vada is made with potato, and is a delicious balance of spicy and tasty. It needs just a handful of ingredients to make. You can serve it hot with tomato sauce or green chutney along with tea.

7. Palak Patta Chaat 

Another interesting street side delicacy, palak patta chaat is a scrumptious yoghurt-based dish made using spinach leaves, which are fried and dipped in sweet and chatpata curd. The chatpata curd with a crunchy spinach in it is the real deal. One can fill the curd with an eclectic mix of spices and chutney, along with some chopped potatoes, sprouts and chana mixed in it. One can top it off with sev and pomegranate too.

8. Mochar Chop 

An immensely popular Bengali snack, Mochar Chop is basically banana flower croquettes, and is made with a mix of boiled banana flowers aka mocha, boiled potato, roasted peanuts, grated coconut, raisin, and homemade bhaja masala along with few other spices. Shaped in small patties and deep fried till crispy, Mochar Chop can be a unique monsoon snack to try this season.