Panchmel Dal To Lobia Paneer, Desi Low-Carb Lunch Ideas
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Weight-Loss: 5 Low-Carb, Desi Lunch Ideas

The other day my friend and I were talking about capital’s heatwave, and then she remarked, “all this heat and yet my weight won’t melt’’. We had a good laugh about this which was followed by a long sigh. If only losing weight was as easy. If you wish to lose weight and then sustain it too, you must understand that it won’t be an overnight miracle. To be disciplined is the very first requirement, one has to maintain a diet, but that does not mean you have to starve yourself. You also may have to engage in physical activities, but that does not mean you end with a muscle tear. Losing weight requires effort, but extreme measures can do you more harm than good. One such measure is eliminating carbs from your diet completely, unless you have consulted a certified expert, you must refrain from altering your diet completely. Carbs are the basic energy source of our body, if you must reduce carb intake, at least pick better, ‘low-carb’ options that are enriched with protein, fibre and minerals.  Here are some desi ‘low-carb’ ideas you can try for lunch.  

Desi Low Carb Lunch Ideas:

1. Panchmel Dal:  

Not one or two, this Rajasthani dal comes with goodness of five lentils. Pair it with roti, and ditch rice for a wholesome, high protein lunch. Papads are allowed too, provided they are roasted and not deep-fried.  

2. Paneer Bhurji:

Soft and scramble paneer tossed in with spices, chillies and tomatoes. You can never go wrong with paneer bhurji, you know that, now if it is possible, try and cut the portion of butter or oil you use. It may not be a bad idea to make it with very minimal amount of ghee too. High, protein, low carb, pure genius.  

3. Anda Palak:

Both eggs and spinach are a crucial part of a quintessential ‘low carb’ diet. They are filling, nutritious and together that can help provide a very balanced meal. This egg spinach curry also comes with the goodness of tomatoes and onion. Make sure you are mindful about the amount of oil used.  

4. Jowar Roti:

All curries and no bread? How did you think we could keep our list so skewed? India has shared a long love affair with millets and it is time to go back to the roots it seems. Jowar or sorghum or white millet. It is an excellent source of fibre that keeps you full and keeps you from bingeing. This crisp roti can be paired with any roti or sabzi.

5. Lobia paneer:

The black-eyed beans also known as ‘lobia’ in desi households are a treasure of plant-based protein, and now can you imagine combining it with high protein paneer? This semi-dry sabzi, goes very well with roti and pickle. The creaminess of paneer and the soft, bitey quality of lobia also complement.