Festive Cooking Tips: 4 Easy Ways To Save Fuel At Home
Image Credit: How To Save Fuel At Home?

Usually, the consumption of LPG increases during the festive season. That's because, at festivals, some of the other things keep cooking all the time. Sometimes it is for the family members while others for the guests at home. Anyway, fuel or gas is getting very expensive day by day. In such a situation, reducing gas consumption has become a necessity. Are you also troubled by the overconsumption of fuel? Then today, we will share some tips with you, by which you can reduce the excessive consumption of gas during festivals. So here are those four practical ways.

Keep ingredients handy

Usually, what happens is that the pan is placed on the gas, and you start searching for chilli, cumin, and oil. Meanwhile, the food is on the high flame as the gas is left burning. If you do not make such a mistake, then it is okay because this is also one of the reasons for the excessive consumption of gas. So, please keep all the ingredients with you in advance whatever food you are cooking. This will save both your gas as well as time.

Cook as per requirement

Do you know this is one of the reasons for excessive gas consumption? Yes, and that's when you sometimes cook more than the requirement. Not only this, sometimes using additional water while cooking also increases gas consumption. Therefore, take equal quantity, i.e. the correct amount of water, while preparing food. Also, keep checking the burner, regulator, pipe etc., from time to time.

Cover food while cooking

If you do not cook food by covering it, you are wasting a lot of gas. Perhaps, you think that food cooks quickly without covering and high gas consumption, then you are mistaken. Especially during these festive seasons, when food is continuously prepared, you should cover the food as much as possible. This can reduce gas consumption to a great extent.

Cook food on low heat

Everyone is often in a hurry at festivals, causing us to cook on high flame. But probably people do not know that this leads to wastage of gas, and the nutritional element of the food goes away. Therefore, if you are cooking food on high heat, wait for a while and cook it on medium flame only.

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