Watch: How To Prepare Coconut Banana Bake At Home
Image Credit: A sweet breakfast coming your way.

Who says breakfast has to be always savoury? You can have a sweet breakfast and satiate your sweet tooth too. While there are plenty of options, ranging from French toast to fruity pies and tarts, this banana bake is a game changer. Loaded with the nutrition of bananas and the crunchiness of coconut, this breakfast bake is a delightful treat in the morning.

The banana coconut bake is a Konkani-style dish, popularly consumed for breakfast in the region (specify the region). It is a healthy, nutritious and wholesome way to start your day. Roasted coconut, mixed with banana mash and some spices like cardamom, the breakfast dish can be made in a jiffy, when you’re in a hurry. Garnished with saffron strands, the banana bake is aromatic and tasty.

HomeChef and Slurrp community member, Sonia Sarpal shares a quick and easy recipe for this dish and here’s how you can make it at home.  

Source: Slurrpapp/Instagram 


    2 tbsp butter 

    ½ tsp vanilla essence 

    2 cups grated fresh coconut 

    ¼ sugar 

    ½ tsp ground cardamom 

    3 medium-size bananas halved lengthwise 

    ½ cup milk 

    A few saffron threads 


1.    Start by adding butter in a pan. 

2.    Add a few drops of vanilla essence.  

3.    Throw in the grated coconut and toss it all together.  

4.    After the coconut turns golden-brown, add some ground cardamom and sugar to it.  

5.    Meanwhile, slice bananas into halves.  

6.    Spread the coconut at the base of the baking container.  

7.    Add sliced bananas to it.  

8.    Repeat the process till the container is totally full.  

9.    Drizzle some saffron-flavoured milk on top and bake this in a preheated oven set at 200° C. Your Banana Coconut Bake is ready.