Watch: Here's How To Make Baked Peaches With Caramel And Vanilla
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Starting the week with a decadent bowl of dessert just makes the mood a tad bit lighter. Desserts are the answer to all of your problems, and what better than to keep experimenting with new and fun recipes to indulge your sweet tooth? Peaches are the new super ingredient for your cravings and this recipe of Baked Peaches With Caramel And Vanilla Ice Cream is going to hit a home run with everyone who eats it, at your next dinner party. Easy and quick to make, the warm baked peaches pair with the cold vanilla ice-cream and serve a flavour burst in your mouth. This dessert is what you should go for, when you want to impress your guests without wanting to put in a whole lot of effort. (Read : 5 Yummy Desserts That You Can Prepare In Less Than 5 Minutes). The Baked Peaches With Caramel And Vanilla Ice Cream by home-chef Sonia Sarpal is the perfect dessert to devour after a decadent meal. It takes only 15 min to make and ends up looking so gourmet that you'll be all set to flex your chef skills! Try your hand at this amazing recipe right away: 


Ripe peaches - 3 large 

Unsalted butter - 2 tbsp

Honey - 1 tbsp 

Cinnamon powder - 1 tbsp 

Brown sugar - 1 tsp 

For caramel sauce: 1/2 cup sugar & butter

For serving: Vanilla ice-cream & Caramel sugar


Cut peaches into halves and remove the pits. 

In a bowl take some unsalted butter, cinnamon powder, and whisk. Add honey and mix well. 

Brush the honey mixture on to the peaches and sprinkle some brown sugar atop. 

Next, cook the peaches face down and brush some honey mixture on the other side of the peaches as well. 

Flip the peaches and cook for two mins. 

In a pan, caramelise the sugar in melted butter. Pour the caramel sauce over the peaches. 

Bake the peaches in an oven for 5 minutes until golden or soft. 

Serve the peaches hot, with vanilla ice cream and top it with caramel sauce.