5 Yummy Desserts That You Can Prepare In Less Than 5 Minutes

If you ask a dessert aficionado about that one thing that stops them to relish a delightful dessert, the majority of the answers will be ‘lack of time’. Some of the most delicious and drool-worthy desserts take time to be prepared and most of us don’t have the same. Are you one of those too? If yes, here are five lip-smacking desserts that you can prepare in just under five minutes. Check them out and let us know how you love them.

1. Mug Cake

We all know that these instant mug cakes have been our saviours during the COVID-19 pandemic. Flavoured with chocolate and topped with ice cream and strawberries, mug cakes are filling, wholesome and delicious. Moreover, you can make them in a jiffy and enjoy them as you want.

2. Yogurt Quinoa Parfait

If you want to quickly whip up a delicious dessert that is also healthy and filling, this yoghurt and quinoa parfait is perfect for you. You no longer have to skip breakfast with this yoghurt and quinoa parfait recipe in place. Moreover, you can add more fruits of your choice to make this parfait more wholesome.

3. Banana Boats

Whip up a fuss-free and delicious dessert with this recipe. You need less than five ingredients to make this delicious dessert. All you have to do is slit the bananas open and stuff them with marshmallows and chocolates and relish.

4. Shrikhand

The classic Indian dessert has managed to impress us since times immemorial. If you are running out of time on a festive day and want to savour a delicious dessert, there’s nothing better than a bowl of shrikhand. Flavoured with saffron and nuts, shrikhand is all things delicious and fragrant to pep up your festive days.

5. Apple Crisp

Do you want some apple-y deliciousness paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream post-dinner? If yes, then this apple crisp is perfect for you. Thinly sliced apples paired with rolled oats and flavoured with cinnamon make this dessert absolutely drool-worthy to relish. Moreover, pairing this crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream elevates its taste to a whole new level.