Famous Baked Feta Cheese Pasta Straight From Finland To Our Plates
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This one-of-a-kind pasta recipe has flown straight from Finland to our plates, and we can't wait to test it.  

When this pasta went viral on Instagram, it knocked the world off its feet. Almost all of us were hurrying to the supermarkets to stock up on the items we'd need to make delicious pasta at home. It was even reported that several stores had run out of feta cheese due to the high demand. After all, the star element in this simple pasta recipe is feta cheese.  

Jenni, a food blogger from Finland, created feta cheese pasta recipe and posted it on her blog, where it quickly became popular, receiving over 2.7 million views. She was taken aback by the overwhelming success of her baked pasta recipe. People from all around the world began racing to stores to buy feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, and some even posted videos and stories about their baked feta cheese pasta. It was practically a full-blown trend.  

This pasta recipe, which only requires 3-4 ingredients, is one of the easiest and most delicious pasta recipes to prepare. What's more, guess what? It's also good for you. Feta cheese is said to be extremely healthy.  

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All you need for this dish is a whole block of feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, a little olive oil, loads of garlic, and Italian seasonings. Make homemade Feta cheese pasta at home today by following this fantastic recipe: (makes 3–4 servings) 

Ingredients needed:  

    A whole block of feta cheese 

    250-300 grams cherry tomatoes 

    5-6 cloves of garlic  

    Italian seasonings 

    Whole wheat pasta-500 grams 

You won’t need salt as feta cheese is already very salty.  


    Boil your pasta in salty water until al dente and keep it aside.  

    In a baking tray, put a block of feta cheese and lots of cherry tomatoes with garlic cloves.  

    Drizzle some olive oil over it nicely.  

    Bake it until the cheese gets melted and tomatoes and garlic turn soft.  

    Mix it really well until it looks like a thick creamy sauce 

    Add your pasta into the mix and heat it again. 

    Season with Italian seasonings and enjoy.  

What are you waiting for? Bring out your inner chef and make this simple pasta for your family and friends at home. Your culinary abilities will undoubtedly impress them.  

This pasta is also a low-effort dish that you can simply prepare when you don't feel like putting in a lot of work for dinner.  

It's also a fantastic dish to enjoy while watching Netflix on a night in.  

Don't forget to drink a glass of red wine with it.