Viral Video Shows How A Man Accidentally Cheated On His Diet; Leaves Internet In Splits
Image Credit: Screengrab of Viral Video/Instagram, Have you cheated on your diet?

We all know how difficult can it be to go on a diet, especially when you are a die-hard foodie. In a recent discussion with a close friend, she shared her struggles of maintaining a healthy diet and an exercise regime. Surely, it does require a lot of motivation and dedication. I personally follow the idea of taking baby steps whenever starting something new. Jumping right into a bowl of salad or oats from a plate full of butter chicken and pizza is not a cakewalk. It is a drastic change that should be introduced to the body in small intervals. 

However, a recent viral video got me thinking otherwise. An Instagram reel about how a man accidentally cheated on his diet has been doing the rounds on the Internet and we would say that we’ve had our fair share of laugh. Originally posted by @el_chicanero, a man of Spanish origin, the video has been re-shared by the account @funny_life609 with the English translation. Don’t know what we are talking about? Take a look. 

Source: Funny life/Instagram

In the video, the man is holding a bowl of spaghetti and as soon as he is about to take a bite, he trips over a coriander leaf dropped on the floor and the bowl, almost instantly gets back into the fridge. Twirling around in slow-motion, the man grabs his car keys and the menu of a fast food restaurant and sits in his car. Next thing we know, he twirls out of his car and heads to the restaurant, fills his soda cup and packet of food and goes to his table. Then he starts eating a burger. The entire video is shot in a dreamy fashion, wherein everything is moving slowly and the man doesn’t have any control over his body movements. It gives the effect that he’s being driven by someone to do these things and can’t control them. 

Garnering close to 12.3 million views on the reel shared by @funny_life609, the video has left the netizens in fits of laughter. The sarcasm in the video has definitely been captured quite accurately. Did you cheat on your diet too? Here are some yummy recipes to try on a diet so you don’t have to cheat. 

1.  Rava Pizza 

With the goodness of rava aka semolina. 

2.  Soya Burger 

Nutrition and protein together. 

3.  Instant Pot Tacos 

Quick, easy and healthy tacos. 

4.  Apple Cake 

Healthy and tasty for your sweet tooth.