Vegan Month 2022: 4 Desi Breakfast Dishes To Celebrate Veganism
Image Credit: Nish Kitchen/facebook

It's the ninth day of November and the celebration of veganism has already begun. This movement of eating plant-based products for a whole month started in the year 1994 by The Vegan Society of United Kingdom. It was initiated to promote the adaption of vegan diet to reduce animal cruelty and promote a healthier lifestyle. It is celebrated all over the world where the vegans share their diet tips and recipes with others to replace the use of meat and dairy products with plant-based substitutes. This whole-month celebration also promotes stopping the use of animal-tested or animal-based products. 

Since the beginning of this movement, several alternatives of dairy-based products have been invented such as soy milk and vegan butter. Several cheat or mock meats have also been introduced in the market along with whole egg substitutes to promote veganism. Spreads and dips including honey and butter too, have got lots of plant-based alternatives in the market. Indian cuisine also has various vegan dishes that taste super delicious and are prepared without any dairy-based products. 

If you are also planning to follow a vegan diet this month, here are four desi breakfast ideas you can try: 

1. Idli-Sambar 

Is there any better way of starting your day? I don’t think so. This super popular and hearty combination has no replacement. This South Indian traditional breakfast meal is prepared with lots of lentils, flavourful spices and healthy veggies. You can also enhance this combination with coconut chutney as it is also prepared dairy-free. 

2. Poha 

This quick breakfast cum snack is another light and flavourful recipe that is absolutely vegan. You just need some flattened rice or beaten rice, spices, peanuts and onions. For aroma and flavours, you can add coriander or curry leaves as well. This quick and fuss-free breakfast is very common in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Poha can also be paired with any green chutney for a tangy and spicy touch. 

3. Besan Cheela 

This popular North Indian dish is also completely vegan. Made with goodness of veggies and chickpea flour, this savoury and spicy pancake can be in indulged directly or paired with any side dish of your choice. Another good thing about this cheela is that it has some other variations too such as oats cheela and wheat flour cheela. 

4. Dalia 

Loaded with highly nutritious ingredients, this vegan breakfast is super healthy. Made with broken wheat, this savoury porridge is perfect to start your day.  Quick and simple to make, it can be improvised by adding veggies and spices of your choice. It is high in fibre and protein that makes it ideal for weight-loss diet as well. 

Indian cuisine has plenty of recipes that can fit perfectly into the month of veganism. Unlike other vegan dishes, Indian recipes are not blunt, and are prepared with various flavourful and aromatic ingredients. Make sure you try them and do share your vegan recipes with us.