Why Are Dairy Products Harmful After Eating Non-Veg?

Dairy products after non-veg: People nowadays treat their taste buds more rather than taking care of their health. They even try several combinations of food without knowing how dangerous and harmful it can be. According to Ayurveda, the contradictory food combos may cause skin disease, arthritis and cause other internal problems in the body. Combining a food item with any contradictory food certainly increases the number of toxins injected into hormones and imbalanced, causing some indigenous inflation in the body. On the other hand, the non-vegetarian items are rich in protein, a high iron source, healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals and are suitable for maintaining the haemoglobin count and developing stamina.

Following are the four things you should avoid after eating non-veg items.

  • Avoid consuming dairy products after eating any non-veg item. Besides, milk cools the body, and meat substance has heated the effect. If consumed together, it may cause the release of several energies, which can be harmful and may trigger various allergies in the body.
  • According to the study, especially after consuming combination food that is fish and dairy products, a chemical reaction in the blood leads to skin pigmentation, i.e., leucoderma/vitiligo.
  • If you are eating fish/chicken/mutton after drinking milk, you are taking two substances of protein, which simultaneously require different types of digestive juices to get digested. Hence, making the body difficult to digest and adversely affecting the digestive and immune systems of the body.
  • Also, avoid energy drinks, such as green tea, herbal tea, glucose, caffeine, and coffee. These items heat the body and may cause indigestion and stomach irritation.

Takeaway Tip: After consuming non-veg items, drink a glass of warm water to help you digest in a fast process. This may also help to get rid of indigestion and bloating. So, be careful of what you are eating.