We all know that green leafy vegetables are very beneficial for health. It contains folate and antioxidants and provides plenty of vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc. This is why everyone is advised to eat green leafy vegetables as their consumption somehow benefits every organ from the heart to the brain. But it is often seen that people do not show any interest in eating green leafy vegetables, and they run away from it. If the same problem occurs in your house, you can include green vegetables in their diet. After that, no one will refuse to eat green leafy vegetables.

Healthy Snacks

This is also a way to serve green leafy vegetables very deliciously. Often people in my house demand some spicy food so why not make chaat with green leafy vegetables. For example, if you want to make tikki chaat, then instead of potato tikki, you can make spinach tikki and serve it. Similarly, instead of simple chaat, make palak patta chaat. Similarly, by preparing spinach leaves in gram flour batter, you can also make chaat from it. This chaat will make everyone's mouth water, and you too will be able to feed more and more green leafy vegetables to all your family members.


Usually, we all want to add something extra to the food plate to enhance its taste, and for this, people eat pickles in most of their homes. But now you can replace the pickle with green leafy vegetables. For example, you can make chutney with the help of coriander and mint and serve it with food. You can also use this green chutney in chaat, slices of bread and burgers. Children will not even know and will insist on eating it on repeat.


This is my personal experience. I use this method to incorporate green leafy vegetables into my home. First, wash the spinach, boil it lightly, grind it, and then put its puree in the curry batter. This may change the colour of the kadhi, but it looks very delicious. Since everyone in my house loves to eat kadhi, I adopted this method. Try adding green leafy vegetables to your family members' favourite dishes.


From children to elders, everyone likes to eat sandwiches. So, you can include green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce, etc., to this breakfast staple. You have probably noticed that lettuce is used in most sandwiches and burgers available in the market, but children still eat it with equal fervour. So, you can also adopt this trick at home in such a situation.

Pasta chunks

Kale and spinach are green leafy vegetables that taste great with pasta. It gives colour to your dish, enhancing its taste. So then, what is the delay? Whenever you make pasta add finely chopped kale and spinach to it.