Started at the age of four, Mikaila Ulmer began her journey as an entrepreneur from a small set up outside her house. Little did this girl know that her small initiative would become a multi-million business someday. The 17-year-old was inspired by her grandmother’s recipe book that led her to this idea of starting a lemonade business. Seems like the girl from Texas took the saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, too seriously. Her lemonade business, called Me And The Bees, is inspired by her unique lemonade recipe that has helped her reach the top shelves of almost all grocery stores and restaurants in the US.  

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Mikaila, whose business page on Instagram goes by the name @meandthebeeslemonade, also appeared in the business reality show, Shark Tank. In an effort to raise an investment for her business, she went back home with $60,000. Today, the girl is an inspiration for many across the globe after becoming a multi-millionaire at a young age. Her special lemonade recipe involved some tricks and hacks from her grandmother’s recipe book. She ditched the sugar for honey in her lemonade drink. Sourcing locally-produced honey from the beekeepers in her area, she added flaxseeds to the lemonade which made it a healthy and nutritious drink, especially during summers. 

Source: Pixabay

Not only has Mikaila managed to sell lemonade and build a business out of it, she has even published a book, titled Bee Fearless, tracing her entrepreneurial journey, ups and downs and future prospects. Today, her lemonade is available all over the US and comes in a variety of flavours, including black cherry, ginger, pear and mint. One of the youngest business owners in the US is also a philanthropist as she contributes 10% of her profits towards bee-keeping and bee-conservation organisations in the country. 

To make lemonade, you don’t need too many ingredients or an elaborate method. All you have to do is squeeze the lemon in a glass, add water and some sugar and mix it up. However, it is only a few people like Mikaila that manage to turn this simple drink into a successful business venture.