Indian summers are here in full force and it is only going to intensify in the coming months, with the sun beating down on our heads and sapping all our energies. We know how you'd be looking forward to your trip to the hill stations to escape the wrath, but what until then? We all need to ensure that we replenish our body's fluid stores throughout the day as much as we can. While a lot of people forget to drink enough water and fluids during summers, it leads to problems like summer headaches, nausea, vomiting etc., which are all symptoms of a potential heat stroke. Indian summers are especially harsh, but thankfully we have multiple summer coolers to rescue from the scorching heat. Coconut water, Shikanji, lemon soda, etc., are some of the most popular drinks.  

One of them is Roohafza, an Indian summer drink without which the season is incomplete. It is basically a rose sherbat that can be used to make multiple chilled drinks as well as desserts. Rose sherbat has long been a staple in Indian households, thanks to its therapeutic and cooling properties. While rose petals are valued for their fragrance, they also have an uplifting, cooling and restoring effect along with an unbeatable number of medicinal properties. Rose sherbat has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, and calm minds. Bottles of gulab sharbat make their way into our homes when the temperatures begin to soar. The decadent rose syrup stirred in chlilled water or milk makes for a refreshing drink that you simply can’t resist. It cools you down, works as an instant energiser to hydrate the body, and provides a respite from harsh weather. But we've got an even better version of the rose syrup right here - Roohafza Lemonade.  

Image: Pexels

Roohafza lemonade brings together the goodness of mint leaves, goodness of freshly squeezed lemon juice, chilled water and rose syrup. The drink is sure to cool your body and beat the heat in one of the easiest ways possible. If you are a fan of Lassi, you can simply replace soda with thick curd along with some sugar in the recipe. What’s more? You can even make Roohafza milkshake by replacing curd or soda with a glass of milk, and also add ice cream to it. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect summer indulgence? 

So what are you waiting for? Click here for the Roohafza lemonade recipe, and try it at home. You can give it your own spin with curd, milk, or just about anything that you may like. Let us know the results.