Viral Video Of Lemonade Seller’s Quirky Tune Reminds Netizens Of ‘Kacha Badam’
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @13_gouravsagar05

Come summer season and all we can think of are refreshing mocktails and drinks to combat the hot weather. And what’s the most popular ingredient for making these drinks? Lemons, of course! The classic lemonade comes to our rescue whenever the temperature rises. Who can say no to a refreshing glass of lemon soda, spruced up with sugar/salt and some masalas? You’ll find plenty of stories around you that tell you how lemon truly is the ‘king of summer season’. Lately though, one particular version of lemonade is garnering attention on social media for different reasons altogether. A lemonade seller has gone viral for creating a quirky tune to sell the refreshing drink. Yes, you read that right. 

The lemonade seller’s antics and unique way of describing lemonade have been grabbing eyeballs. So much so that the first thing that people were reminded of after hearing him is the ‘Kacha Badam’ song, which had gone viral recently. Remember the trend? The one in which peanut seller Bhubhan Badyakar’s catchy ‘Kacha Badam’ (raw peanuts) song became a sensation on the internet. Read more about it here.  

Now the video of the lemonade seller is on its way to becoming a sensation as it has already raked in over 15.6 million views and 938k likes ever since it was shared on Instagram by an Instagram handle @13_gouravsagar05.Watch the full video of the lemonade seller here:

In the short clip, the lemonade seller doesn't just sing a quirky tune but also showcases some catchy moves. The whole process looks like a performance instead of just the job of selling lemonade. His unique style of making and serving lemonade along with the song has impressed netizens. “Baaki nimbu baad vich paaunga,” he says in the video. “Ek din peeyoge toh baar baar maangoge. Thandi Paa,” he says to an awestruck audience. 

Many drooling Instagram users reacted and commented on the video. "Wow I love your confidence, sir," wrote one user while another said, "Kacha badam ka beta!" Others tagged their friends and family to watch the lemonade seller and his quirky tunes. 

For those who don’t know, lemon has been the talk of the town for a special reason. In India, lemon prices have been surging due to an increase in demand and shortage in supply. Prices have skyrocketed to ₹300-₹400 per kg.  

Coming back to the lemonade seller, what is your take on his unique selling style? Do let us know.