Can’t Stop Grooving To ‘Kacha Badam’? Meet The Man Behind The Viral Song
Image Credit: YouTube @Amar Birbhum - আমার বীরভূম and Gudhuli Bela Music

India has no dearth of street food vendors employing unique ways to lure customers. While some choose to add a bottle of Fanta to their Maggi (gags), some come up with fun food challenges, like the Bahubali Panipuri challenge where a person who could eat just one mammoth-sized Panipuri without any spillage, could take home a reward sum of ₹5,100. And then there are some like Bhubhan, a peanut seller of Kuraljuri village of West Bengal, who can command a village with just their voice. No seriously, Bhubhan Badyakar’s catchy ‘Kacha Badam (raw peanuts)’ song, has become a viral sensation and honestly speaking, it is quite an earworm. 

“Badam badam a dada kacha badam, amar kache naiko bubu vaja badam”, rings a bell? Yes, this is the song that has raided your social media feed. The creator of the song is a humble Bengali peanut seller Bhubhan Badaykar, who on his run-down Hero Honda bike would set out to sell only ‘raw or unroasted peanuts’ and not ‘vaja’ (toasted or fried) nuts across his village and neighbouring regions in Jhakrkhand. 

The groovy song that is being used to make countless Instagram reels has a heavy Bengali folk-base, further in the song he also sings about how people can come and exchange ‘City Gold Churi Mala (City Gold’s bangle and chain)’, ‘Mobaile Body Vanga Diye Badam (damaged mobile body) etc for ‘Kacha Badam’ worth the same amount, shoman-shoman. While it is quite unlikely for people to exchange their gold chains for some unroasted peanuts, but it sure makes for a thoroughly entertaining tune.  

The song has also been remixed by Gudhuli Bela Music and the video also features Bhubhan, the creators of the remix said in their description that the rendition was a means to pay a tribute to Bhubhan.  

The song created national headlines when a SpiceJet Jet air hostess shot a video while dancing to the tune in a vacant aircraft.

The song also struck a chord with a Portuguese dad-daughter duo, their cute and synchronised dance video shot in their bathroom became viral in no time.

In addition to this, Ranu Mondol who became an overnight sensation in 2019, after her rendition of ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai’ shot on a railway platform went viral, also sang the trending song.

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