Upgrade Your Home Bar With These Tequila Options
Image Credit: Tequila shots are sure-shot party starters | Freepik

If we had a designated party-starter drink, it would be tequila without an iota of doubt. This spirit, originated in Mexico is that shot of fun every party needs to get going. From wild college parties to sophisticated cocktail events, tequila remains unbeaten as the star of the celebrations. It is also a fun element to add to a heap of other ingredients and make delicious cocktails. So, if you are one of those who likes to keep their home bar stocked up with the best possible tequila, here are some amazing Indian tequila recommendations from us.

Patrón Silver – Patron produces some of the most meticulously bottled handcrafted tequilas in the world and it promises the best ingredients like blue agave in every sip. It pours smooth and crystal clear with a distinct, fruity smell. It is wonderful for making cocktails because of its citrus notes and sweet aroma. This one is a sure shot option for your bar. 

El Jimador Reposado – This one has mixed reviews from tequila aficionadoes, but that does not stop it from being one of the most loved alcohols because those who like it, swear by it. Named after the farmers who helm the tequila-making process by harvesting agave plants, El Jimador is famous for producing affordable tequila, that does not compromise on quality. A beautiful golden hued spirit, every sip of it is filled with subtle hints of vanilla, toasted wood spices and hazlenut. If you are just beginning to get used to tequila and want something to start with, look no further than El Jimador.

Tequila is used to make wonderful margaritas | Pexels

- As the name suggests, El Capo Extra-Aged Anejo is categorized as an extra Anejo. It is one of the most expensive spirits and is considered to be very classy. It is aged for about 5 years in oak cases and has a dark gold, rich hue. It is actually great for health with hints of flavours such as walnut, vanilla, chocolate, coffee and dried berries.

Montejima Reposado – A classic from Mexico, this tequila has been one of the most loved spirits in India and across the world. It is wonderfully flavoured with hints of vanilla and wood, which comes from being preserved with oak for two months. Buy a bottle or two or more for your home bar and enjoy its rich taste.

Don Angel - If you want to have that one tequila which fulfills your need for the typical pinch of salt and slice of lemon shot and cocktail, Don Angel is perfect for you. One of the best tequila brands in India, it is a light-straw coloured pure agave spirit. The best part about making lemon-based cocktails with Don Angel is the fact that the tequila is strong and crisp, but delicate at the same time. So, for your next house party, stock up on this alcohol to make the best drinks for your guests and start the celebrations from the word go.

There are several other tequila options for your home bar, but these five spirits are enough to help you cater to a lot of different moods and tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Make some space in your cabinet for them and enjoy!