Be A Pro, Drink Beer Like This

Although beer is the oldest fermented beverage in the world, many people genuinely have no idea how to properly consume it. To begin with, you must select a beverage that suits your palate and serve it with suitable fare. Then, you must serve it in an appropriate glass or mug and at the proper temperature. The worst thing is common misconceptions that many beer drinkers mindlessly accept about how to pour, serve, drink, and store beer. Learn how to drink beer by starting with your preferred type of brew. 

Choose The Beer

There are many different types of beer available today, so you can pick the one you like most. The most typical varieties include: 

Ale beer: A touch sweet and recognized for its strong fruity flavour and bigger body, ale beer ferments swiftly. Because of its darker, cloudier look and higher alcohol content, you can identify it. 

You can select Indian Pale Ale if you want bitter flavours. A tripel, a very powerful pale ale, is also available for true beer enthusiasts. You should use caution because this beverage has undergone many fermentations. You could be knocked off your feet soon! 

Porter beer: Another favourite sort of beer is porter, which is so opaque that nothing can be seen through it. Get a drink for yourself, and have a memorable evening. 

Stout beer: It is the big brother of ale. It has a delicious chocolate and coffee flavour and is dark and creamy. 

Bitter beer: It zis a popular British ale that is distinguished by its dark bronze colour and bitter, well-hopped flavour. It always has a deeper meaning than an IPA. You can choose from a few different categories. 

Wheat beer: This beer has a distinctive clove, apple, banana, or peppery flavour with a light, slightly hazy appearance. Since it never tastes harsh, bartenders frequently serve it with a wedge of lemon. 

Lager beer: Slow fermentation and low-temperature processing give this clear, light beer its sweet, crisp, and smooth flavour. The alcohol content is always very low. Any beer from this group, such as Vienna lager, pilsner, marzens, and bock, is a good choice if you enjoy this flavour. 

Pair Right Food 

Similar to wine, a certain beer goes well with a particular dish. Light beer should always be paired with fish and salads, whereas dark beer should be consumed with hearty fare and red meat. The perfect pairing for a beer with a caramel, coffee, or cocoa flavour is a smoky dish like BBQ. 

Choose The Right Glass 

Although you can sip beer from a plastic cup, you should understand that you deserve the entire experience. In order to avoid spilling, always use a properly shaped glass, such as a mug, beer stein, pint, goblet, tulip, pilsner, or weizen. 

Pour Beer The Right Way 

Brews with a greater alcohol content typically need to be stored at higher temperatures. As a result, go for lighter pilsner, lager, and wheat beer held at 45 to 50 F (7 to 10 C) instead of darker ales, barley wines, or tripels stored at 50 to 60 F (10 to 15.5 C). Choose a glass that is clean and the appropriate size and shape. A dirty one will affect the flavour and aroma of the beer. Always begin pouring the beer from a height of at least 0.8 to 1.2 inches (2 - 3 cm) and at a 45-degree angle down the edge of the glass. When the glass is halfway full, begin gradually levelling it to reduce the formed head. Before filling it to 3/4 of its capacity, wait for the generated foam to settle a little. 

Taste It Right  

Observe a particular brew to begin the procedure. Then, give the beer a slight swirl to release some of the aroma and flavour while retaining the head. Determine whether the beer has a fruity, chocolatey, or bready flavour by taking a smell with your nose. Take a taste, but never swallow it right away. Try to taste the flavour on your tongue as you let it sit in your mouth. The tastes won't blend and compete in a premium beer, but rather, they'll work together. 

Enjoy Boozing!