Mixologist Share Their Special Valentine Cocktail Recipes
Image Credit: Gimlet by Stranger & Sons Gin

What better than a lovely glass of Rosé or sparkling, a dry martini, mimosas or even a  margarita to say cheers to your loved this valentine. A well-done drink is always fun and exciting. Valentine's Day is all about some love themed cocktails in a perfect romantic evening with your special someone. While some may like to pop a Champagne, but these Cupid-approved cocktails will surely make your Valentine day special. 

Feruzan Bilimoria, Head of Advocacy Education, Stranger & Sons Gin says “Inspiration to create this cocktail was the fact that India has a long-standing tradition of making fresh fruit cordials, a culinary custom I wanted to carry forward to the bar. The Sun insignia on our bottle represents dawn and our fresh, flavourful Gimlets. After experimenting with different flavours, I decided to create this cocktail as a simple yet elegant approach to incorporating Indian flavours in our signature cocktail, the Gimlet. Stranger & Sons, being a contemporary Indian Gin with a distinct blend of spices, played the perfect muse. The aromatic flavour profile of Stranger & Sons provides a very solid foundation and it perfectly elevated the flavour of curry leaves in my cocktail recipe.

Cocktail Name - Gimlet No. 9 

A unique take on the flavour of curry leaves in a crystal-clear gimlet.  An elegant Indian Spirited Gimlet that springs a unique flavour of zest and spice further complimented by the robust flavour of Stranger & Sons. 


    Stranger & Sons 60ml

    Curry Leaf Cordial 20ml

    Toasted Curry Leaf 1


Keep a champagne saucer in the freezer to chill (can be done a few hours prior).

Measure and add all the ingredients to a mixing glass.

Add a lot of ice to it and give it a light stir.

Strain the drink in the chilled glass.

Garnish with toasted curry leaf and serve.

With few more cocktails on the list relish these from Grey Goose Old as you enjoy your special day and keep up with the spirit. Fireplace and furry clothes are optional, but highly recommended.  Hemant Mundkur, Brand Ambassador, Bacardi India says "Whether you're celebrating at home or out at a restaurant, a simple way to elevate any meal or occasion is with a unique twist on the classic cocktails. Always start with a premium, high quality liquid - it makes a real difference to the smoothness and flavour profile of your drink. I personally love how these Grey Goose and Martini Vermouth cocktails can complement each course of your meal. Start with a Grey Goose Espresso to pick up the energy before diving into your appetizers. Pair your mains with the Dry Apple Martini for an elegant complement to your dish. End the evening with a delicious dessert and a Grey Goose Old Fashioned - that hint of orange zest leaves a fresh and satisfying taste in your mouth. These cocktails are easy to make yourself at home and are perfect to make any evening together extra special."

Grey Goose Old Fashioned


As one of the oldest cocktails in the world. It's easy to see why it has stood the test of time. Now try it with a simple GREY GOOSE® Vodka twist instead of whiskey.


    50 ml GREY GOOSE® Vodka

    2 tsp Demerara Brown Sugar

    Dash Of Hot Water

    Dash Of Angostura® Aromatic Bitters

    Orange Zest


    Add the sugar and water to a rocks glass, then stir to dissolve.

    Add orange zest.

    Slowly trickle in GREY GOOSE and cubed ice, piece by piece, stirring throughout.

    Top with cubed ice to serve.

Aperitivo Expresso

Bask in the winter sun with a Grey Goose Aperitivo Espresso with orange zest. A delightful mid-day aperitif! Coffee and vodka meet tonic water and orange zest to give it the freshness necessary to brighten up any afternoon.


    1 part GREY GOOSE® Vodka

    1 part Unsweetened Coffee

    Tonic Water 

    Orange Zest


    Build in wine glass in this order: GREY GOOSE® Vodka, coffee, tonic water, orange zest.