6 Types Of Pasta That Will Surely Leave You Fascinated
Image Credit: 6 Types Of Pasta (shutterstock.com)

Do you also drool over pasta like me? If yes, I am sure that everyone loves to eat pasta, be it kids or adults. It is a popular food in Italy, and you will find pasta in almost every restaurant there. However, pasta is no longer limited to Italy, as now people like to eat it worldwide. You must have also eaten pasta many times, but do you know that there are various types of pasta? You may be surprised to know that, but there are more than 100 varieties of pasta. Here’s a list of some popular types that would leave you intrigued.

  • Penne Pasta: This is a trendy pasta prepared using various sauces. Penne pasta is a medium-sized pasta with a hollow tube and a slanting end on either side. Due to the space inside this cylinder-shaped pasta, the coating of the sauce is quite deep inside. Therefore, when the sauce sticks well to the pasta, its flavour becomes even more unique.
  • Rigatoni Pasta: This is a tube-shaped pasta available in different lengths. The word rigatoni evolved from the Italian word rigato. They are usually larger than a penny and, sometimes, have a slight curve. Rigatoni pasta is characterised by ridges running down their length. Did you know rigatoni is particularly popular in South Italy?
  • Macaroni: Also known as Maccheroni in Italy, macaroni is dear to every heart. In India, too, kids love to eat macaroni. In this, pasta is cut into small tubes. Macaroni is commonly used in baked pasta dishes, soups or served with cheese and various sauces. One of the most famous dishes made using macaroni is mac and cheese.
  • Pappardelle Pasta: Pappardelle is a broad, long and flat pasta believed to have originated in the Tuscany region in the 14th century. However, due to their widespread popularity, pappardelle is now also in the other areas of Italy. You can eat it during leisure time, or it can also be made on any special occasion.
  • Lasagna: This pasta originated in Naples and is a medium-length pasta flattened and cut into oblong shapes. Lasagna is usually eaten with various layers, fillings of different sauces, cheeses and other ingredients. It can also sometimes be served as a small roll or soup.
  • Spiral Pasta: This pasta is also known as fusilli pasta. The name pasta comes from the Italian word fuso, which means spindle. Spiral pasta is a short-cut pasta shaped like a corkscrew. This pasta is usually served with tomato sauce and cheese.

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