Tungrymbai To Jadoh: 5 Must-Try Street Foods From Shillong
Image Credit: Amit Singh/facebook

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is one of the major tourist spots in India. The town attracts tourists with its natural beauty, musical culture and delectable delicacies.Rice and pork are staple in Shillong and their traditional food is made with the touch of local ingredients. The food is usually slow cooked, with fresh herbs and bamboo shoots that keeps the local residents warm in the chilly weather of the hillside. The food of Shillong is highly influenced by Khasi and Jaintia community and has a touch of North Indian, Chinese, Bengali and Assamese cuisine. Jukhiein, jastem, and jadoh are some popular dishes of the hill station. 

When it comes to the street food, jalebis and momos are very popular in the town including pineapples. The street vendors serve the chunks of pineapples along with a secret sauce made with chillies. Betel leaf is also a common item in the streets of Shillong. Now you might be wondering, what’s special about that? But the betel leaves found here are different. It is spicier than the normal ones and best suits the cold weather of the town. But the list doesn’t end here. There are five street foods from Shillong that are worth trying: 

1. Tungrymbai 

It is a popular dish in the state of Meghalaya that is made using pork and fermented soyabean. The soyabean used in this dish is locally grown here. It is prepared by frying pork and soyabean along with garlic and onion, then it is seasoned with sesame powder and salt. Locals also pair it with bread or roti that makes the dish a wholesome meal. Eating tungrymbai also helps in keeping the body  warm during the cold weather. 

2. Jadoh 

This specialty of Meghalaya is also popular in other parts of the country. The spicy and delicious dish is prepared with rice and pork meat. It has a mix taste of sour and spicy that comes from spices and local herbs like ginger flower and cinnamon leaves used in cooking it. Along with being a street food, jadoh is also prepared on special occasions like get togethers and parties. It is also cooked with chicken or fish instead of pork. 

3. Dohneiiong 

It is another popular pork dish which is made with the seasoning of black sesame. This dish is influenced by Chinese cooking and comprises of fried pork drenched in a thick gravy, made with green chillies, pepper, red onions, black sesame and other local spices. It is often paired with rice that makes it a complete meal for dinner. 

4. Smoked Meats 

These are popular in almost every North-Eastern state of India. Not only on streets, but it is also available in local restaurants. From pork to chicken, almost every meat cooked with this technique is available on the streets of Shillong. There is a high demand of smoked meats among tourists during winters as it keeps them warm and tastes incredibly delicious. 

5. Pukhlein 

If you are thinking of trying something sweet from the cuisine of Meghalaya, pukhlein is the answer. It is one of the few desserts of Shillong. This traditional sweet bread, made with fermented rice, is popular in other parts of the country as well. It is light and fluffy in texture and can be paired with any side dish, including a hot cup of tea. 

So, make sure you try all of them on your next visit to the beautiful hill station.