Leftover Rice Can Be Used To Cook Up Magic
Image Credit: Leftover rice can be used to make fried rice, cutlets or pancakes

Cooking is an art and only a true artist knows how to use all of their resources well enough to create a masterpiece. Sometimes, creating a dish requires full usage of all the ingredients, while sometimes, we have to leave some of them out. But does that mean we waste the extra food? Of course not. There are several dishes that can be made out of leftover or scraps and today we will specifically list out recipes to use leftover rice in amazing dishes.

In Indian households, rice is one of the most frequently cooked staples. So, a lot of the times, we have rice left in the fridge that we do not know how to use. The last option should be to waste the rice. In our culture, rice is seen as the sign of wealth and prosperity. It is disrespectful to even waste a grain of rice. Keeping that and the need to cut wastage in our lives and in our kitchen in mind, here are some delicious dishes that you can make with leftover rice. 

Fried rice 

Anytime we would have rice left in the fridge overnight, my grandmother would make us the most delicious fried rice for breakfast. It is actually the easiest and most common method of using leftover rice. Fried rice takes very little time and effort and paves way for the best main course ever. Here is a step-by-step recipe for fried rice.


One of the most innovative and delicious use of rice that has been kept in the fridge is making crispy, hot cutlets with it. It works great as a starter, a snack or as a burger patty. It is super easy to make and hardly takes 15-20 minutes – right from the preparation to serving the dish. These amazing rice cutlets can be perfected using the following recipe.


If you want to completely transform your boring leftover rice, just make these amazing dosas using it. This does not need any type of soaking or fermentation and you can get the most perfect instant dosas for a healthy no fuss breakfast. If you also have leftover dal, put some curry leaves and mustard tadka and enjoy it with these crispy dosas. Here is the recipe.


Yes, you read it right! One of the simplest dishes you can make with leftover rice is pancakes. They are quick and the most accurate example of no waste food. Enjoy these pancakes with some butter and maple syrup and pretty soon, you would not wait for leftover rice to make them, you would start loving this decadent breakfast option. Check out the recipe.

These are some of the dishes you can make and ultimately enjoy with leftover rice. Remember to not waste food and use your resources mindfully to create a sustainable livelihood.