The variety and diversity of sushi is commendable. There are so many different ways to make the globally popular Japanese dish. From vegetarian to seafood sushi, the filling is quite distinct. Given its popularity, some Indian varieties have also taken shape, as has the Korean version, called kimbap. While most of us may take a trip to the restaurant to have sushi, you can try making one at home too.

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Chef Buddhi - from Honk, Pullman, New Delhi - is known for his pan-Asian cooking experiments, and we’ve fetched a Rambo Maki recipe from his kitchen. Maki, for the unversed, is a kind of sushi roll where the rice and vegetables, along with tuna, are wrapped in a seaweed nori. The sushi is stuffed with tuna fillet, bell peppers, and sauces. Here’s the recipe for you to try at home.  


  • 100 gms sushi kokuho rice  
  • 25 ml sushi vinegar     
  • 100 ml water    
  • 1 nos nori sheet           
  • 2 stick crab stick         
  • 100 gms avocado         
  • 30 gms hamachi fillet sushi grade      
  • 30 gms tuna fillet sushi grade             
  • 10 gms tobiko orange  
  • 10 gms tobiko green    
  • 25 gms bell pepper      
  • 10 gms japanese mayonnaise 
  • 25 gms cucumber         

Rambo Maki/Honk, Pullman


For sushi rice: 

  • Wash the rice in cold water for 3 times. 
  • In a rice steamer, take an equal quantity of sushi rice and water and cook it for approx. 30 min. 
  • Once rice is done, take it out immediately in a wooden sushi drum bowl, add sushi vinegar and mix it well.

For assembly: 

  • Thinly slice all the bell peppers, Hamachi, tuna and avocado and keep it chilled. 
  • Cut the cucumber into batons, discard the seeds. 
  • For sushi roll, place nori sheet above sushi mat, apply prepared rice and distribute evenly in the entire sheet. 
  • Add crab stick, slice avocado, cucumber batons, place all these towards the first fold area. 
  • Roll the sushi roll using a sushi mat. 
  • Place all the slices and arrange all the top of the sushi roll. 
  • Cut the roll into equal sizes, it should have eight equal size sushi pieces. 
  • Garnish with a dollop of Japanese mayonnaise and green and orange tobiko. 
  • Served with traditional accompaniments like gari and wasabi.