Tried The Exotic Sushi And Dimsums At This Delhi Restaurant Yet?
Image Credit: Shutterstock

There’s a reason only a select few names come to mind when you think of Asian places in Delhi, even though the capital is brimming with Asian restaurants old and new. The Kylin Experience, Vasant Kunj is one such sought-after restaurant that has touched the chord of Delhi gourmands and how. Spread across two floors, this restaurant oozes oriental oomph. 

In addition to the exciting collection of sushi, noodles and satay, the Kylin also introduced the delicious Teppanyaki menu a few months back, and now they have some of their best dimsums on offer. We sat down for a hearty dinner at this popular eatery to sample their delicious dishes recently, and must we say, the experience was riddled with surprises.

We started off with the cheese and mushroom dimsums, followed by chicken and chives dimsum. Both impress for their overall texture and flavour. While the cheese is dimsum, melt-in-your-mouth because of its creamy contents, the chicken and chives have delectable crunchiness going for them. 

Among starters, we really enjoyed the fiery and crispy Korean grilled chicken that was tossed up with crunchy vegetables too making it wholesome. We were also very tempted to try something from their Teppanyaki section. For the unversed, Teppanyaki is a post-World War II style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle or pan (Teppan) to cook food. We went for the Grilled Salmon Teppanyaki. The meal came with Teriyaki glazed grilled salmon on bed of wasabi mashed potatoes and shimeji mushrooms, a complete, flavourful meal you must try

Moving on to the sushi, we tried the classic spicy salmon and weren’t disappointed, what truly blew our mind was the black rice sushi for its umami flavour. Made with the goodness of salmon, avocado, shredded cucumber, spicy mayo and sriracha, this sushi is bursting with freshness. We also got a recipe of the same, see for yourself if you can try making it at home.  


  • 80 gm Homemade boiled black rice
  • 5 pcs Nori sheet
  • 35 gm fresh salmon
  • 40 gm fresh avocado
  • 10 gm local shredded cucumber
  • 20 gm takuan
  • 20 gm homemade semi-spicy mayo
  • 10 gm homemade semi-smoky sriracha  

For the accompaniments:  

  • 15 gm Japanese ginger pickled
  • 5 gm wasabi paste
  • 20 ml Japanese diluted soy  
  • 2 gm local micro green
  • 5 gm local red radish


  • Take a bamboo mat and put half nori sheet on the top rough side up.
  • Flatten the black rice on nori sheet in a uniform manner with nori with rice.
  • Place a line of salmon, cucumber, avocado and cointreau mayonnaise.
  • Sheet over the filling tightly and firmly with bamboo mat until the bottom reaches the nori sheet, lift the bamboo mat and roll over.
  • Place the salmon on top and press it with the help of a bamboo mat.
  • Cut the roll in 8 pieces.
  • Garnish with red radish, microgreen, dehydrated leeks and mayo.