7 Easy Asian Delicacies You Can Try At Home
Image Credit: Spring Rolls.

Let’s agree that Asian cuisine is one of India’s top favourites. If not the topmost, it ranks somewhere between the second or the third, and we have a couple of reasons for that. First off, the sheer amount of flavours Asian delicacies offer is pretty close to how Indians prefer their meals. Robust and distinct! There is a mix of spices and chillies that are sure to tickle your taste buds, from a chilli chicken to spring rolls. Secondly, so much variety. Countless yummy curries, crispy snacks, and perhaps ten types of just noodles and rice make it one cuisine we cannot get enough of. And did you know you can make many of these indulging delicacies right inside your kitchen?

Here are 7 Asian dishes you can try at home:

1. Dimsums

Perhaps one of the most popular ones from the lot in India, dimsums have made their way to our heart with their succulent minced filling, encased in a flour layer and steamed to perfection! From chicken, vegetarian, soya, tofu, and various stuffings, you can easily make dim sum at home.

2. Chilli Chicken

Bold, spicy and irresistibly delicious, chilli chicken is literally what it’s called - chicken tossed in a lot of chillis and spices! Loaded with pungent spices including pepper, red chillies, green chillies and sauces such as soya sauce, chilli chicken is sure to sway you away.

3. Noodles

Choose from Hakka, schezwan, desi-style, flat noodles, udon and many more that you can easily toss with a handful of spices, oil, veggies or meat chunks!

4. Spring Rolls

A crispy, popular snack loaded with the stuffing of shredded veggies or minced chicken, encased in thin sheets fried to golden! Spring rolls are best served with a tangy tomato dip and are perfect to be your tea-time snack.

5. Khao Suey

A one-pot traditional Burmese delicacy made essentially of noodles, vegetables and coconut milk with egg or chicken as an addition. It can be topped with fried garlic, onion, peanuts and lemongrass to enhance the flavour besides a generous squeeze of lime. Khao Suey can easily be a DIY dish that you can put on the menu of your next get-together at home and let your guests make their meal!

6. Honey Chilli Potato

Perhaps one snack that Indians have made entirely their own! With a true-blue desi twist, honey chilli potato has sliced potatoes tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.

7. Chicken Satay

Boneless chicken pieces marinated in a pool of spices, grilled and dunked in a peri=peri sauce, chicken satay is just what you need to sate those spice cravings!

Try these yummy Asian delicacies at home and share the experience with us!