Try These Lesser Known Gujarati Delicacies
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Handvo

India is a land of food and we can say this without any doubt. One of the places that offer so many delicacies right from snacks like khandvi to desserts like shrikhand is Gujarat. There is nothing that you cannot get in this state but to the surprise of many, Gujarat does not only have dhokla or jalebi fafda but a plethora of dishes. These dishes are lip-smacking and can make you drool over them. Let us take you through some lesser-known but delicious delicacies that one must try once in a lifetime. 

Kansar or Fada Lapsi

Fada lapsi or kansar is a popular dessert in Gujarat which is not only healthy but delicious. This dessert is often made during festivals or special occasions and gets ready in no time. Kansar is actually a wheat dalia which is further given a twist of ghee, jaggery, dry fruits, and other spices. Fada lapsi or kansar is loved by people of all ages and why not?


This is another dessert that is quite significant in the state because of its taste as well as its health benefits. Made with condensed milk, Basundi is a perfect concoction of milk and dry fruits which is later seasoned with cardamon and other dry fruit varieties. It looks like rabri and is the perfect dessert that one can have after a meal. It can be made with plenty of fruits like grapes and custard apples. If you love rabri, you must try basundi once. 


You can call it a desi cake. This fluffy yet nourishing dish is packed with so many flavours and health benefits. Handvo is made with vegetables like bottle gourd along with peanuts. One can always add the vegetables as per their choice. This looks both like a cake and a dhokla and is very light in texture. Often made in pressure cookers, Handvo is later complemented with a tadka. Next time you visit a Gujarati restaurant, try this Handvo. 


Yet another most loved dessert of Gujarat is Surati Ghari. This dessert is white or brown in colour and looks somewhat like a laddoo with a stuffing of dates. It could be made in so many types like kesar ghari, badam ghari, mawa ghari and pista ghari. 


I think there is no need of mentioning that every single dessert in Gujarat has some or other health benefits. Another one on the list is doodhpak. With a pudding-like appearance, doodhpak is a mouth-watering concoction of milk, dry fruits, and saffron. This dish is cooked with boiled rice and is Gujarati style kheer you can say. Often, Gujarati doodhpak is served chilled with almonds, pistachios, and other nuts. 

We can say that Gujarat is a place that offers dishes that not only are mouth-watering but are healthy too. Among so many dishes famous in Gujarat, we have picked these five for you. Have a look and let us know which one them you never heard of.