Kesari Shrikhand: Beat The Heat With This Rich And Tempting Summer Dessert
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There is no end to legends in India, nor is there a way to go back in time and verify the same, since so many of them go back to prehistoric times. That is true, India is as famous for its stories as for its food. One such story is that of Shrikhand, a traditional dessert of both Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine. As per a popular legend, the dessert was first created by Mahabharata’s Bhima, who along with his brothers and Draupadi, had to spend a year in King Virata’s kingdom in some kind of disguise. Bhima played the role of a cook. He apparently called in Shrikharini, after Sri Krishna. Then there’s another story that says that it was invented by traveling herders. For traveling overnight, they would strain out the whey from the yogurt. The next morning, to sweeten the strained yogurt and make it more palatable, they’d mix sugar and nuts and eat it.

Food Historian KT Achaya in his book ‘Indian Food: A Historical Companion’ also states that the practice, of dewatering curd, hanging it in muslin cloth, and flavouring it with sugar and nuts was first noted in 500 B.C.

Today, Shrikhand is one of the most beloved Indian desserts. It is also just apt for the weather, don’t you feel? To beat the heat, something cool and light like Shrikhand is always welcome. It is light, cool, and just too irresistible. Shrikhand is made up of curd that has been secured in muslin cloth, this helps to strain out all the watery whey from the curd. The thick and creamy curd is then mixed with a bevy of flavourful nuts, dry fruits and sugar. In this recipe by Slurrp Community member and Homechef Alison, we also see the inclusion of tutti fruit and saffron.  

That’s right, your bowl of Shrikhand just got richer, and every bite spells decadence. Here’s the recipe you have been looking for. You can watch the recipe here.  

Here’s the complete recipe of Kesari Shrikhand.  

  1. Place a sieve and muslin cloth on top of a deep bowl.
  2. Add 1.5 cups of curd on top of the muslin cloth.
  3. Bring the edges together, and tie it tight.
  4. Strain the water.  
  5. Refrigerate the curd (inside the muslin cloth) overnight.
  6. Your hung curd is ready, transfer the hung curd in a bowl.
  7. Add 1/3rd cup powdered sugar, ¼ tsp elaichi powder, 2 tbsp kesar water and mix well.  
  8. Your thick and creamy Kesari shrikhand is ready. Garnish with pistachios, tutti fruity and strands of Kesar.  

Try this easy recipe today and let us know how you liked it. Do send us the pictures when you make it.