Try These 5 Desi Veg Recipes This Summer

It’s still March but the mercury has started rising like we are already halfway through summer. Well, this is a clear indication that this year’s summer is going to be all chaotic. The unbearable heat, humidity and sweat are sure to drain all our energy. But no matter how the situation turns out to be, we foodies always go back to our favourite foods to seek refuge and there’s no denying the fact. And as summers are almost here, we know you must have started prepping for the same. So, to help you out, we have curated five vegetarian recipes that you can relish this summer.

1. Dahi Bhindi

Dahi is a must-have during summers due to its probiotic properties and numerous other nutritional benefits. And Dahi Bhindi surely is one of the best crowd-pleasers due to its interesting texture and flavours. So, add this dish to your summer diet this year for a filling and wholesome meal.

2. Pulissery

How about combining two summer favourites - buttermilk and cucumbers? Sounds exciting enough, right? This Kerala-style recipe makes it possible. A dish made with cucumbers, buttermilk, garlic, shallots and a few spices, Pulissery is one of the most famous and loved dishes in South India.

3. Dosakaya Curry

Cucumbers have usually been associated with salads, but you won’t do it anymore after trying this cucumber curry from Andhra Pradesh. The yellow cucumber curry. Colloquially called Dosakaya Curry is perfect for a refreshing summer meal when served with rice or roti.

4. Pachadi

The South Indian cousin of cucumber raita, Pachadi is made with curd, cucumber, mustard seeds paste and seasonings. The dish is usually served as a side dish in South Indian platters and is all things refreshing and decadent. The prime ingredients in Pachadi - cucumber and curd make this dish perfect for summers.

5. Kaddu Ka Halwa

Craving a dessert post-dinner but think that Indian desserts are too rich for your palate? Try Kaddu Ka Halwa, which is light, delicious and low on calories too. Pumpkins are usually preferred for their nutritional benefits and lightness in texture and taste and are perfect to sum up a summer day. This pumpkin halwa is enriched with the aroma of cardamom and the crunchiness of nuts and dry fruits.