Try These 5 Delicious Ridge Gourd (Turai) Recipes For Lunch
Image Credit: Unsplash

This dark green vegetable with white pulp gets its name from the ridges that run over its stiff surface. Ridge gourds are known by several different names throughout India, including Turai in the majority of the country, Beerakaya in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Peerkangai in Tamil Nadu, Peechinga in Kerala, and Sebot in Manipur. From soups to stir-fried vegetables, it is frequently utilised in Asian cuisines in varied nations like Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The three doshas, or biological forces, that are distributed throughout the body and mind in ancient Ayurvedic diets, have long valued ridge gourd.

This vegetable is abundant with goodness. Here are some dishes you can make using turai.

1. Masale Wali Turai

Masalewali turai is an extremely quick and easy Indian semi-dry sabzi that can be prepared once a week and enjoyed. Every household has access to the most basic elements necessary to make masale wali turai. Serve the hot ridge gourd vegetable sabzi with coriander garnish. This dish requires minimum effort and it tastes amazing.

2. Peerkangai Kootu

In Tamil Nadu, ridge gourd kootu is a popular meal. In this recipe, ridge gourd and moong dal are combined (just like in many other parts of India). If cooked in the right manner, the turai gets soft and the gravy complements it really good. The sabzi goes really well with rice and rasam. Additionally, it goes well with rotis.

3. Masor Tenga

Easy-to-make Assamese fish curry is a go-to dish for lunch and dinner. It tastes finest when paired with steaming rice and a serving of fresh green chilli. The curry's primary flavour is "tenga," which means "sour," and the flavour is made by mixing tomatoes, ridge gourd, and lemon. You will feel full for a very long time after eating this delicious dish.

4. Turai Fritters

Ridge gourd is used to make these delicious fritters. For those unexpected hunger cravings, these can be quickly prepared. If the vegetable is available, it is rather simple to rapidly cook a large quantity of these attractive fritters, which are then enjoyed with one's favourite dip and a hot or cold beverage according to preference. Any time of the day is a good time to enjoy these.

5. Chingri Posto

The creamy Bengali prawn dish known as chingri posto is made with ridge gourd and potatoes, as well as a mix of traditional spices, poppy seed paste, and cream. The chingri or prawns must be deveined and marinated in salt and turmeric for around 30 minutes. Additionally, after being sufficiently soaked in water, the poppy seeds are crushed with green chillies and added to the cooking chingri. This meal is excellent thanks to the chilli and the delicately caramelised onions.