Beat Your Child's Tantrums, One Yummy Beetroot Recipe At A Time
Image Credit: Fresh beetroots, Image Credits: Pexels

You should gradually introduce solid foods to your infant once they are six months old. This shift helps them to get the necessary nutrients. A beetroot is an excellent option for your baby's first few interactions with solid food. This nutrient-rich vegetable is gentle on a baby's palate and is proven to promote development in young children. Give your kid the beets in modest doses and in a form that will be simple for him or her to digest. Once they grow a little older, they tend to become a fussy eater. Often, making them eat vegetables like beet becomes a task. As parents, this is where your creativity must come in handy. Tweak their favourite food with beet and watch them relish it.

Beetroot's benefits for kids

Fibre, a key element in helping kids' bodies control blood sugar levels and preserve cholesterol levels, is abundant in beets. They are also a rich source of antioxidants known as betalains, carotenoids, and flavonoids. These keep the little ones stay healthy and their minds sharp.

Here are three such easy-to-make beetroot-based breakfasts for your kids. 

Let it be a beet burger 

Kids love burgers, so why not try creatively adding beet to it? Make the burger patty using peeled and grater beets spiced with garlic and onion. For binding the patty, add eggs, rolled oats and olive oils. Cheese is another food most kids love to eat. So, use feta cheese. For flavouring, add pepper powder and basil. You can skip these two. Add salt to taste. Let the beetroot mixture sit for half an hour till the oats soak the fluid. Now make small patties and either shallow fry them in oil or grill them. Prepare the burger by slicing it into halves. Spread a teaspoon of homemade hung curd dip. Place the patty above it, add their healthy veggies like cucumber and tomato slices, and cover with the other half of the burger. Roast it lightly on a tawa if you want. 

Beet it up to shake

Beetroot, strawberry shake, Image credit: Pexels

This is the best solution for the little ones who prefer to have a glass of milkshake in their breakfast. Instead of laden with chocolate syrups and ice creams, use beetroot. Boil one grated beetroot in water. Cook till it's done, turn off the flame and drain the extra water. Allow it to cool. Use a food processor to blend beetroot, honey, fresh strawberries, milk, cardamom powder, and low-fat cream till you get a homogenous texture. Serve it cold. 

No pain pancakes

Beet & banana pancakes, Image Credit: archanaskitchen

One of the most in-demand breakfasts among kids is pancakes. Make use of their love for this dish and serve it healthily. To prepare this, mix whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, and kosher salt in a bowl. Mix Greek yoghurt, vanilla, milk, egg, and beet puree in another bowl. Transfer the flour mix into the wet batter of yoghurt and beet puree. Give a thorough stir. Heat unsalted butter in a frying pan and add two tablespoons of the pancake. Cook one side of the pancake for three minutes, flip it and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Serve it with organic honey. 

So, which one are you trying?