Mahii Vij Shares How To Give Beetroot To Kids
Image Credit: Mahi Vij

Tara, who is 3 years old, is the pride and happiness of Mahii Vij, who most recently appeared in the television series Lal Ishq. She also fosters two adorable children, Rajveer and Khushi, who do not live with her but with whom she maintains regular contact. Of late, Miss Vij is not participating in any TV series. Rather, the hands-on mother is focusing solely on Tara. Mahii and Jay Bhanushali lavishly celebrated their beloved toddler's birthday as she recently turned three.

Mahii is quite active on social media and frequently posts about Tara's involvement in her daily activities. She just shared on Instagram how to get your child to eat beets even if they don't like them.

It is crucial to inculcate healthy eating habits in children from a young age. Primarily because these tiny tots cannot grasp what is good for them. Echoing the same sentiment, Mahii recently demonstrated to her followers in a video how a mother can encourage her child to consume nutritious meals.

Beetroot paratha

In the post, Maahi boiled beetroot in water in an open pan before peeling it. After removing the skin, she transferred a bit of paneer and the previously boiled beetroot into a blender and processed it until a smooth paste formed. Afterwards, she advised her followers to combine multigrain atta with this paste to create a soft dough. It was followed by making small balls out of the dough to prepare tasty and nutritious pink parathas.

Maahi mentioned that salt and black pepper can be used, but one must keep in mind that this recipe is for children, so avoid using other spices. Serve it hot with creamy curd. Let your children consume it at their own leisure.

They'll enjoy the flavour of this delicious paratha. We're sure of it. This delicious paratha can be packed for a child's lunchbox as well. For kids, it will enhance their entire dining experience.