5 Delicious Beetroot Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

Winter season is all about wholesome seasonal fruits and veggies that can warm our soul. It’s the season of mustard, carrots, spinach and one of my personal favourites- beetroot. The vibrant red vegetable that would usually be only seen in salads or soups is now slowly making its place in wholesome meals as a great superfood across the world. After all, it comes with a host of health benefits and essential nutrients. From antioxidants to iron, beetroot is rich in several health-benefitting nutrients and can also help with improving memory and managing blood pressure levels. Now while you may only know it for salads, soups and perhaps raita form the Indian cuisine, did you know you can make interesting dishes with beetroot in breakfast too? 

We all know how breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Not only does it gives our body the energy it needs to get through the day, it ‘breaks the fast’ of our body after a whole night. While you may have all the omelettes and breads of the world for your morning meal, they might lack nutrition you need. So, how to keep your meals packed with nutrition? Toss in some seasonal veggies like beetroot to it. Here we bring you some delicious beetroot recipes that you can whip up for breakfast. 

1. Beetroot Paratha 

One of the most popular Indian breakfasts, Paratha is perhaps loved across age groups. It is my go-to meal when nothing else strikes my mind, that's also because it is so easy to make. Be it the classic aloo paratha to the unusual ones with experimental stuffings- you can add just about anything that you can think of in a paratha. This recipe of paratha stuffed with a make a mix of beetroot, potato and onion, with spices and herbs make for a fulfilling morning meal. 

2. Beetroot Carrot Juice 

Pair your breakfasts with a refreshing and doubly nutritious glass of beetroot juice that comes with the goodness of carrots. 

3. Beetroot Cutlet 

Can you say no to a crispy, delicious and healthy cutlet stuffed with the goodness of beets, potatoes, semolina and spices? I know I can’t. You can enjoy it with a mint chutney or some tomato ketchup. 

4. Beetroot Sweet Appe 

One of the most popular south Indian dishes, these appe comes with a sweet twist and are made with dosa batter, jaggery and grated beetroot. It also has the richness and nutty flavour of cashews and roasted raisins. 

5. Beetroot Chilla 

How I love this particular breakfast, and is quite a staple at my home. But this one right here comes with a seasonal spin as grated beetroot and chopped spinach make its way to the batter along with flavouruful spices and herbs. This yummy chilla will be ready in no time and you can serve with your favourite chutney. 

So which one are you making for your next morning meal?