4 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas For Your Kids
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Packing a perfect lunchbox for kids can often become quite a daunting task to do every day. What’s a perfect lunchbox you ask? One that is not just nutritious and wholesome, but is also super delicious, quick, and easy to eat. Kids need plenty of nutrition in their growing years so a wholesome meal with all the vital vitamins and minerals is essential. But, if it is not interesting and delicious, you just cannot make kids eat it, and you’ll find that they come back with their tiffin intact. 

Thus, it becomes important to make some delicious and healthy dishes to pack-in their lunch. Now, we know how most of us dread the morning rush - getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, which again is very important, and then packing everyone’s lunch. Phew. That's a lot on the table for just morning, isn’t it? 

Keeping that in mind, we’ve got some excellent lunchbox ideas for kids that aren’t just simple and healthy but also delicious and quick. You can easily make these at home in just 10 minutes. No more bringing back lunch. 

1. Vegetable Upma 

A delicious, healthy, and quick recipe you can whip up in less than 10 minutes, vegetable upma is a comforting mix of rawa, spices and a host of veggies that you simply need to saute together and cook for a satiating meal. You can experiment with your choice of veggies- beans, peas, carrot, onion and more. Besides, you can also throw in some cashews and seeds too for the crunch. Play around with sauces and your kid will have a delicious meal to nosh upon.  

2. Whole Wheat Pasta Salad 

Who can ever say no to a delicious bowl of pasta? At least the kids can’t Made with tomatoes, scallions, fresh basil and topped off with avocado, this healthy vegetarian pasta recipe is perfect for your kid’s lunch box when he is done with the regular curries or boring dals.  

3. Chapati Pizza 

This is one of the most loved dishes by kids. If your kid is a fussy eater when it comes to roti, this chapati pizza is your perfect rescue. All it takes is a cooked chapati and some veggies of their choice and cheese. Simply toss the veggies with some sauces, spices, and cheese, spread it on a roti, cover it with another and cook on tawa.  

4. Stuffed Besan Cheela 

A protein-rich dish that can be made in under 10 minutes, this stuffed besan cheela is packed with protein rich paneer besides a whole lot of delicious spices, and veggies like capsicum and onions.