Tried These Viral Strawberry And Blueberry Samosas Yet?
Image Credit: Samosa Hub/Zomato

Internet has never failed to amaze us with several shocking innovations especially related to food. We Indians do have a habit of creating fusion dishes and having them with even weird food combinations. But some of these innovations are so bizarre and have left netizens wondering if they really wanted that! 

 It doesn’t take much time for a weird food combination to get viral on social media and triggers reactions of the netizens. Be it the time when gulab jamun burger broke the internet or dosa ice cream that left the internet aghast, we have always wondered whether it was really a requirement to temper the originality? Nevertheless, one more such weird food combination has got viral and this has absolutely offended many samosa lovers. 

A Delhi-based food outlet has been serving strawberry and blueberry samosa and netizens are disappointed. A food blogger through his Instagram handle Burning Spices had shared a video in which he is tasting the pink and blue samosa. He shows the ingredients of pink and blue samosa. He discloses that pink samosas are actually strawberry samosas while the blue on is blueberry samosa. The blogger wrote “So Perhaps You Have Tried Different Varieties Of Samosas But This Samos Was Out of The Box. People Will Say Ye Kya Khaa rey ho? Kya Dikha Rey ho (What are you eating and what are you showing) But to be honest Strawberry Samosa And Blueberry Samosa Ek Dessert Ka kam Karte hai (they work like dessert)". No matter how much he makes up for it, some can never love this samosa variety. 

                                     Image credits: Instagram/burning_spices

This post triggered several reactions from the netizens. Some commented "Please don't do this with samosa it is an emotion," while some said "There should be a law against such fusion food." Meanwhile, other people commented "Ahh definitely waiting to try this," and "This is soo amazing,". Netizens believe that some food items need to kept as they are. Just like our desi samosa that doesn’t need any innovation like this. But I don’t think it is going to stop any soon. What do you think?

 Let us know if you have tried this samosa combination!!