7 Most Weird Food Combinations From Around The World

There is no dearth of creativity among the foodies around the world. And especially when it comes to pairing food; Maggi golgappa, chocolate and cheese sandwich, gulab jamun with ketchup and well, the list won’t end no matter how much you cringe! It just gets weirder. After all, French fries with tomato ketchup is too mainstream. Try watermelon slice with tomato ketchup. Sounds gross? Well, we’ve got some more of the weirdest food combinations people have legit tried around the world!

1. Pasta Pani Puri

Going a step further from gol gappa, a Twitter user in India stuffed pasta in puris and divided the internet. Do you think it's worth trying?

2. French Fries and Vanilla Ice Cream

The conversation around the combination of sweet and salty is a never-ending one, and food combos like these make it all the more difficult! Crispy salted potato fries with dense vanilla ice cream, yay or nay?

3. Nutella Dosa

The classic food combination that has the internet divided since ages Dosa is a south Indian bread, pan-fried till golden crisp and is usually eaten plain or stuffed with a spicy potato filling, paired with sambar and coconut chutney. Now imagine hazelnut packed into it! Would you try or not?

4. Makki Roti With Maggi

Yes, we had the same reaction! Why on earth would you need anything to accompany a simple dish of Maggi? But well, perhaps this is creativity at its peak! Combining the winter-special Makki ki roti from Punjab with NOT saag but Maggi is probably the maximum love for the instant noodles!

5. Chocolate Maggi

If you thought Makki ki roti was the worst, say hello to this incomprehensible combination of melted chocolate with Maggi. We told you, it keeps getting weirder!

6. Biryani With Chocolate Spread

Biryani lovers! You may need to look off because this combination is sure to get your heart bleeding. Aromatic, flavourful rice tossed with spices, meat or veggies....topped with chocolate spread! Gross? Yes, we think so too!

7. Boiled Egg Dipped In Chai

Perhaps the worst of the lot! Chai (tea) is one thing that has a separate, huge fan base across the world. People prefer crispy biscuits and slices of bread to go with it, and thus when a Facebook user dipped a hard-boiled egg in his warm cup of chai, people were hurt, more so disgusted.  

Do you have more such weird food combinations to share? Let us know!