Tried These Vegetarian Dishes From Karnataka, Yet?
Image Credit: Just For Food/facebook

India represents a wide variety of flavours when it comes to traditional cuisines of the country. Each state has numerous dishes that can satisfy all kind of taste buds. Particularly talking about Karnataka, the state itself has multiple cuisines. Karwar, Udupi, Mangaluru and Coorgi are some of the popular ones. The cuisines are segregated based on region and community and named after them. Each of them has a plethora of dishes that can make you ask for more. 

Mostly influenced from its neighbours like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra, the meals are traditionally served on banana leaves. Ingredients like ragi, rice, urad dal, semolina and jaggery are staples in their food and the flavour changes from region to region. Like Mangalore is known for its tangy seafood while North Karnataka’s has spicier flavour as compared to other parts. The state is popular for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

Here are five top authentic vegetarian food from Karnataka that can steal your heart: 

1. Allugedda 

This traditional dish is prepared with mashed potatoes as main ingredient and is mostly served as side dish with varieties of dosa and rice. The locals also savour allugedda as a snack with evening tea. It is cooked with black gram and lentils along with various spices like asafoetida and chilli powder that enhances the taste. 

2. Chow Chow Bath

If your taste buds prefer both spicy and sweet flavours at the same time, this Karnataka delicacy is definitely for you. This bath is prepared by combining two dishes together; khara bath and kesari bath. Khara bath is a spicy upma that is made along with peanuts and vegetables while kesari bath is a sweet halwa. Both of them are made with semolina. 

3. Ragi Mudde 

Staple in the rural areas of Karnataka, it is prepared with ragi flour. The flour is made into a dough and then rolled into balls. It is traditionally served with sopinna saru, a simple yet comforting gravy made with green vegetables and lentils cooked in various aromatic spices. The pair is said to be dense in various nutrients. 

4. Neer Dosa 

This thin dosa is made without fermentation and is an important part of Mangalorean cuisine. Also known as water dosa, it is commonly paired with curries like kurma and saggu. This fluffy, lacy and light dosa is perfect for breakfast as it is easy and quick to prepare. 

5. Bisi Bele Bath 

This popular and wholesome meal of Karnataka can be found in every restaurant of the state. Made with rice, lentils, and vegetables and cooked in tamarind paste and coconut, the dish is served along with papadum and buttermilk. It is popular in other parts of the country as well.  

Try these recipes to indulge into the authentic flavours of Karnataka.