Satvik Udupi Dishes That You Must Try
Image Credit: Sapada Bhakshya | Instagram - @sushma.maheshwar

When we talk about Indian cuisine, we often restrict ourselves to regular dishes that we have tried, at our homes, in restaurants or maybe watched in a food blog on the internet. But that is just the tip of the iceberg for a country like India where dialects, culture and food change every couple of kilometres, as the age old saying goes, “kos kos me pani badle, kos kos me bani”. So, it is important that we understand that Indian cuisine is beyond what we eat daily. And one of the hidden gems of India is the Udupi cuisine, which we shall explore today.

Udupi cuisine is popular in Karnataka and derives its name from a small city in the state. Filled with grains, pumpkin, gourds and of course, coconut and coconut oil, Udupi cuisine is like a breath of fresh air among the food we eat that is overly spicy and flavoured excessively. Most of the Udupi cuisine is satvik, which means it is pure vegetarian and can be used as prasadams to offer to the dieties. Let us look at 5 satvik Udupi dishes that should be on your must try list!

Bissi Bele Bhath

Also called bissi bele hulliyana, which means hot lentil and rice, this dish is an entire meal in itself. The rice dish also has an amalgamation of tamarind, coconut, vegetables and can be eaten for any meal of the day, be it breakfast or dinner. So, if you are bored of the regular dal chawal or khichdi that you eat, give bissi bele bhath a try and discover what comfort truly tastes like.


This crunchy, crispy, beautiful looking snack is just the perfect partner for the tea that you so lovingly sip on. Made with rice flour, urad dal and sesame seeds, murukku travelled all the way to the Norther part of India and on the way, transformed itself into chakli. The next time you are craving for a different and flavourful tea-time snack, grab a plate full of murukku and enjoy.

Murukku | Instagram - @bakewithbittybakes

Many of us have tried bhajiya and appam and idli. But have you tried a dish that falls in between these dishes and actually merges all the best flavours and texture of them? That is this Udupi gem called punugulu for you. It is made with idli batter, mixed with curd, ginger and green chillies and then deep fried till they are golden brown. This perfect street food can make your evening snacking time better with its spicy flavours.

Sapada Bhakshya

Want to try the Udupi version of our favourite sooji ka halwa? Then sapada bhakshya is the perfect dessert for you. When semolina or sooji is cooked with ghee, milk, and banana, the incredible flavour and scent of this traditional dessert is enhanced multifold. The dessert is well-balanced and can be garnished with raisins, cashews, almonds and bananas. It is offered as prasadam in Hindu temples and is made during festivals.

So, if you want to give your taste buds a kick and start trying food beyond your comfort zone, but not entirely different, please give the wonderful Udupi cuisine a try. All of its lip-smacking dishes will leave you asking for more.