Tried These Semolina-Based South Indian Breakfasts, Yet?
Image Credit: MTR Singapore/facebook

South Indian food is popular all across the country. From dosa to vada, this cuisine has already stolen our taste buds. Mostly made with rice, South Indian foods are flavourful as well as healthy and the aroma of crackling mustard seeds and curry leaves makes it impossible for us to resist. The side dishes of this cuisine like sambar, rasam and variety of chutneys are also heavenly. They are delicious, simple to make along with being nutritious. Just like rice, semolina or rava is also staple in this cuisine. Being rich in protein and fiber, it is used to make variety of dishes such as rava dosa and rava idli. Semolina dishes comparatively requires lesser preparation time than rice as they do not require fermentation. 

Here are five instant rava-based breakfast recipes you can treat your family with:  

1. Rava Vada  

Also known as bada or vada, it is a deep-fried dish that is served with sambar or chutney. Made with semolina, yogurt, onion and few spices, rava vada can also be indulged in as evening snack along with tea. It is easy to cook and can be prepared within minutes.  

2. Rava Idli  

The regular variety of idli is prepared with batter made of rice flour and fermented black lentils but this variation is made with semolina, curd and spices. Originating from Karnataka, this instant idli does not require any grinding or fermentation.  

3. Rava Uttapam  

This crispy and soft pancake is a classic breakfast that is made with rice-lentil batter. It can also be topped with various vegetables, spices and herbs. But if you haven’t tasted the rava version of this traditional dish yet, then you are definitely missing an important thing. Made with semolina and spices, it just takes twenty minutes to prepare this delicious breakfast.  

4. Rava Appe  

Traditionally made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk, appe is a common dish in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is mostly eaten as breakfast and dinner with coconut chutney or sambar. The rava version of these round fritters is easier to make and takes very less time compared to the regular appe.  

5. Rava Upma  

This filling and nutritious meal is made with semolina and lots of veggies. Being one of the most common Indian breakfasts, it is mostly served with coconut chutney. This savoury porridge is often flavoured with ghee and also has toppings of dry fruits like cashews. 

So, which one of these is going to be your next breakfast?