Tried the Trending Japanese Dora Cake?
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If there’s one thing the lockdown made many of us do, it was to enter the kitchen and cook up a storm, sometimes too literally to our mother’s shock. To be honest, we had no idea what to do in our free time, after binge-watching too many shows, and social media gave us a number of trending recipes from across the world, to try. Remember how the world got obsessed with whipping Dalgona coffee? Or banana bread and pancake cereal, most of us have surely tried making these viral recipes at home. We just love following the trends on social media; ask any internet buff and the answer will be a big yes. And now a recent addition to the list of viral recipes is dora cake. While some of you might have already tried it, some must be wondering what it is all about. For the unversed, you can associate it with one of the popular cartoons. If you have watched the iconic Doremon while growing up, you would surely know what dora cake is.  

A Japanese sweet dish, it is traditionally referred to as dorayaki. In Japanese, dora means ‘gong’ – a circular metal disk, and the name of the cake is perhaps because of the similarity of the shapes. Legend has it that the first Dorayaki were made when a samurai named Benkei forgot his gong (dora) upon leaving a farmer's home where he was hiding, and the farmer subsequently used the gong to fry the pancakes. And with just one look, you can make out that dorayaki is a pancake sandwich with a yummy creamy filling inside. Slurping already, aren’t you? The Japanese cake has already impressed many on social media, and the recipe has gone viral. And since we are enthusiastic foodies ourselves, we began our hunt for an easy yet amazing dorayaki recipe to try at home. And we found one! Here we have a quick and easy recipe for you shared on Instagram by the name 'Crafians by Mudrit and Harsheen'. 

Viral Japanese Dora Cake Recipe: 


1 cup maida 

¾ cup sugar 

3 tbsp condensed milk 

Milk (as needed) 

½ tsp baking powder 

1 tsp honey 

1 tbsp butter 


Chocolate spread 


. The first step to make dora cake is to put maida, sugar, condensed milk, baking powder and honey in a bowl and mix well. 

. Now add milk to the mix and whisk it well. Also, add butter to it. The batter should be of a smooth consistency, not too thick or thin. 

. Take a pan and grease oil. Pour the batter and cook it like a pancake. 

. Apply chocolate spread or any other spread of your choice on one side of the pancakes. Press them like a sandwich and Dora Cake is ready to be noshed. 

. Take a look at the detailed video of dora cake here:  

Isn't it super easy? So go on try this viral recipe today and share your experience with us.