Treat Your Sibling To Ice-Cream ‘Barfi’ This Raksha Bandhan
Image Credit: Shutterstock

No celebration in India is complete without some sugary goodness to sweeten the day. But when it comes to traditional sweets, they all come with a sense of ‘been there done that’. Don’t get us wrong, we’d never turn down a gulab jamun or kaju katli, but we’re living in 2022 where food is limitless and fusion is the buzzword of the century. 

Ice Cream Barfi made a splash in Ghaziabad when a food blogger shared the intriguing creation on social media. Since then it has been shared thousands of times and people are enamoured by the quick and easy dessert that comes together with only 2 ingredients. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, it may be easy to make but with the rich white chocolate and punchy pieces of tutti frutti, it’s the perfect way to spoil your brother or sister on their special day. 

Though it's not really ‘barfi’ in the traditional sense, the use of white chocolate helps mimic the creaminess of Indian sweets and the tutti frutti gives it a fun and exciting twist. So this Raksha Bandhan, skip the store-bought mithai and get in one one of this year's hottest dessert trends and we guarantee you’ll be their favourite sibling (at least for this week!).


    1 slab white compound chocolate

    1 cup tutti frutti pieces


    Break the chocolate into chunks and place them in a glass or metal bowl.

    Find a pot that’s smaller than the bowl, fill it halfway with water and balance the bowl on top before bringing it to a boil. Ensure the bowl isn’t touching the boiling water.

    Stir until the chocolate is smooth and free of any lumps.

    Add the tutti frutti pieces to the boiling chocolate and stir well.

    Pour the mixture into shallow pans and allow them to cool to room temperature before refrigerating.

    Cut the ‘barfi’ into squares before serving.