Viral: This Two-Ingredient Ice Cream Barfi In Ghaziabad Has Netizens Impressed
Image Credit: Image: Screengrab From YouTube video by Foodie Incarnate

The past few years have given us many culinary experiments not just by popular chefs but also many street vendors, some of them amazed us with the sheer creativity, and some actually baffled us with how bizarre they have been. From chocolate chai to kulhad pizza to flying dosa, giant momos and parathas, and so on. Each time I think this is it, we can’t have anything beyond it, a new video comes up. It’s like the internet never fails to surprise me. Combining two different dishes and creating a brand new one is one of the most popular ways to innovate. We take the best elements of each to make a fusion dish that perhaps represent the best of both worlds. It may have your two beloved flavours and perhaps that is why people have started to relish them even more. Some of the dishes have been really good- think of Gulab Jamun Cheesecake or Samosa Chaat. In a recent video that has gone viral, we have two of the most loved desserts combined together- ice cream and barfi! This video of ice cream barfi on the internet has amazed millions of viewers with this uniqueness is making us slurp too. Take a look:

Shared by food blogger Amar Sirohi via his Instagram page @foodie_incarnate, the video shows how the fusion dessert is made. The sweetmeat is made with white chocolate that is broken into several pieces and melted on a double boiler till it is completely smooth and lump-free. Post this, chopped tuti-fruity is added to the wok with boiling chocolate. When completely mixed, the melted chocolate is taken off the heat and poured into square containers to set and cool down. Once it has set and cooled down, it is cut into small squares like the barfi and sold at the mithai shop in Ghaziabad. 

With over 16 million views and more than 660k likes, the unique barfi is making many foodies slurp. Let me be honest, I can’t wait to try this one since both white chocolate and tuti fruity is my absolute favourites. The comments section had many who were simply mesmerised by how only two ingredients can make a delicious mithai, some couldn’t wait to try it out. 

Would you try this ice cream barfi? Let us know.