5 Quick And Easy Sweets You Can Make On Raksha Bandhan
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Let’s just agree that there’s no bond as amazing as the one of brother and sister. And to aptly  honour this special bond, Indians all over the world celebrate Raksha Bandhan every year. This year, the festival will be celebrated on August 11. In this festival, sisters tie a sacred thread or rakhi on their brother's wrist, and pray for their prosperity and well-being. In return, the brothers promise to protect their sisters from all negativities. 

But besides that, do you know what’s the most amazing part of the festival? The feast! After finishing off this ritual, all the family members and relatives who have gathered together on the occasion, sit together and enjoy a lavish feast. After all, there is no Indian festival that is complete without a feast.  

And while you can always nosh upon the robust Indian curries and lip-smacking snacks, will it be complete without a sweet treat? In fact, after tying the rakhi the siblings also treat each other with a bite of a mithai or anything sweet. And if you ask us, nothing beats a homemade treat. If you too are planning to surprise your sibling with a homemade sweet, we’ve got you some quick and easy recipes right here. 

1. Besan Ki Barfi  

Besan or gram flour is one ingredient that is common across Indian households. And barfi is one sweet treat that most people love. The best part about barfi is that it is very versatile and can be made in all shapes and flavours. This besan barfi takes the creamy goodness of besan in the deliciousness of barfi, along with crunchy nuts. 

2. Shrikhand 

A traditional Gujarati dessert, Shrikhand is a soothing mix of hung curd, sugar and is often seasoned with kesar. While shrikhand has many popular flavours like strawberry shrikhand, mango shrikhand and more, the classic shrikhand works the best on special occasions. 

3. Malai Laddoo 

Laddoos are a great Indian desert to gorge on festivities. Treat your sibling to this lovely ladoo made with just four ingredients and in less than 30 minutes. Paneer, condensed milk, cardamom and cashews come together for a decadent treat you won’t be able to resist. 

4. Phirni 

The decadence of phirni cannot be ignored by any. The creamy rice dessert manages to warm the hearts of most Indians with a sweet tooth. This kesari makhana phirni with strands of saffron laced all over, crunchy almonds, and flavoured with cardamom, is sure to impress all. 

5. Boondi ke Laddoo

A super popular Indian dessert, boondi ladoo are also known as motichoor ke laddoo and are usually made during festive times like Diwali or at Indian weddings and other pujas. Here’s an easy recipe to make your Raksha Bandhan special with boondi ke laddoos.