Top Low Calorie Chaat Recipes For Your Weight Loss Diet
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India's love for chaats doesn’t need an introduction. Be it the staple gol gappa or puchka, the crispy aloo tikki and sev puri or dahi bhallas, we simply love indulging in a plateful of chatpati chaats. No wonder we have a myriad of street food stalls all around to explore, with stalls and tiny eateries popping up in every corner of the country. But no matter how much we love indulging our taste buds into these flavourful chaats, over indulgence can always take a toll on one's health, especially for the ones struggling to shed a few extra kilos. So while pani puri might look non-fatty, the fried puris are sure to get you one day.  

However, life is not always unfair, especially if you have us. Considering the chatpata tooth that every desi has, we have brought you some delicious yet low-calorie chaat recipes right here, that are perfect to add to your weight loss diet. So, no more curbing your cravings upon seeing a chaat stall, our low-calorie chaat recipes will let you enjoy guilt-free!  

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get started with the list. 

1. Shakarkandi Ki Chaat 

Well, we know this might not be the staple chaats like pani puri or bhalla chaat, but shakarkandi ki chaat has many lovers across the country. Thanks to its lip-smacking masalas smeared over boiled sweet potatoes aong with tangy lime juice and pomegranate seeds, one cannot resist a sight of it. Haven’t you seen so many stalls selling the popular shakarkandi ki chaat at every nook and corner of the country?Shakarkandi or sweet potatoes is one weight loss- friendly food you may add to your diet; and even experts reckon this. They are delicious, nutrient rich, and high in fibre. 

2. Sprouts Chaat  

Your cravings for a tangy chaat can be well-sated without compromising your health with this absolutely delicious sprouts chaat. For the unversed, sprouting is the process of germination of various seeds and legumes, which is done by soaking them in water for a certain period of time. It results in the outer layer of the legume or seed opens and a young shoot gets blossomed. As per experts, sprouting enhances the nutritional value of a legume or seed. So basically, toss in your sprouted moong dal, kala chana, veggies of your choice and some masalas, and there's nothing better you can binge on.  

3. Makhane Bhel 

Makhana (fox nuts) being low in cholesterol, calories, fat and sodium, and high in protein, makes for a great snacking option. It is quite a star ingredient that you can use for various snacks. This quick and easy bhel recipe is tangy, sweet and all things delicious. To prepare this, all you have to do is toss together peanuts, makhane, potatoes, green chillies and season it with spices. This quick makhana bhel can be a lip-smacking treat for your hunger pangs.