Top 5 Incidents Of Poor Quality Food Service On Indian Flights

Air travel is considered among the luxurious transport mediums. From an air-conditioned metal craft flying you thousands of feet above the ground to enjoying food amidst clouds, many travellers look forward to flying, irrespective of the fact of how many times they have travelled via plane. However, 2024 has been a bumpy ride for many (no, not because of turbulence in the air) because of the subpar food served on planes.

From Air India to IndiGo, almost every popular airline operating in India has been under fire for disappointing passengers by serving passengers with unsatisfactory food. Many avid travellers have called them out and shared on social media how they have paid big bucks only to receive half-cook, poor-quality, and tasteless food being served in the air. Here are a few incidents from 2024.

Air India Served ‘Bad Food’

Recalling his ‘horror story’, a user shared his ordeal of travelling via Air India on X (formerly called Twitter). He said that he took a flight from New Delhi to Newark and booked a business-class ticket. After experiencing 25 25-minute delays in take-off and fighting for a seat with a flat bed feature, Vineeth K was served uncooked food.

He added that he had never experienced this treatment in Air India, however, he found that the fruits were stale and alleged that everyone on board the flight returned the food packages. He reported on June 15, 2024, that he paid around Rs 5,00,000 for the round trip, and in return, he witnessed bad food, worn-out seats, dirty seat covers, non-working TV, and damaged luggage.

IndiGo Made Diabetic Patient Eat Sugary Food

Swati Singh shared a post on X on May 11, 2024, claiming that her IndiGo flight was cancelled due to which she witnessed a huge loss, and the manager also did not help. She also added that another flight of IndiGo was delayed and alleged that a diabetic patient was made to eat sugary food so that the staff could keep up with the inconvenience.

Replying to her post, a user wrote that diabetic patients should be carrying food instead of relying on the airline for serving. He also added that many people have different kinds of health ailments with which the airline cannot keep up.

Vistara Served ‘Inedible Meals’

On May 7, 2024, Kripal Amanna took to X to share his experience of travelling via Vistara. He said that the food was inedible and the meat was stale. His images showcased the meal he received comprising rice in the middle of an aluminium container. Grains were surrounded by chicken curry on one side and vegetables on the other. There was a packaged bun on the plate.

His post read, “Wow! Vistara, your main meal aboard UK820 this evening evoked a sense of nostalgia that of near-inedible meals served in a badly run hostel mess by indifferent cooks! Insipid flavours, the sort of texture that would indicate the chicken should have ideally been consumed hours ago.”

Salty Food Served on an Air India Flight

Food vlogger Akul Dhingra took to Instagram to share his worst experience of travelling via Air India flight from NY to Delhi. Apart from broken headphone jacks and malfunctioning sliding tables, he also said that the quality of food was dissatisfactory. He alleged that he saw a cockroach in the pantry and said that the food was saltier than the ocean. 

Air India Served Chicken With Veg Meal

In January 2024, a woman was travelling via Air India flight. Veera Jain, who ordered a vegetarian meal, received chicken pieces with it. Her post read, “On my Air India flight AI852, I was served a veg meal with chicken pieces in it. I boarded the flight from Calicut airport.”

She shared the images of finding chicken pieces in the meal which was labelled vegetarian. She also mentioned that her flight was delayed for at least 1 hour.