Oily Food, Ghee & Other Items Prohibited On India-UAE Flights

While Indian travellers going to other countries have commonly been known to carry food products like ghee, pickles and food items that one is not likely to find, the authorities at the Mumbai airport have put in place stringent restrictions regarding what is allowed for passengers to have in their checked-in baggage. An official list stating the number of items that passengers travelling to or from the UAE has been released, as the surge in the number of travellers during the festive season increases.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The India-UAE corridor has a significant number of Indians travelling for professional, tourist or medical purposes throughout the year, but especially high during the last quarter – all courtesy of the festive season. Passengers whose luggage had been screened for the prohibited products, has resulted in an increased rate of rejected check-in baggage – since most passengers remain unaware about the new set of restrictions.

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India’s Bureau of Civil Aviation Security added a new set of items to the banned list in March last year, much to the obliviousness of most travellers. One of the consequences of this has been getting hold of 943 dried coconuts in passenger baggage in a single month, since the oil content of the product was considered to be highly inflammable. Compared to the rejection percentage of 0.31 of the total number of screened bags in December 2022, May 2023 saw a rise in rejected luggage to 0.73 percent.

Here is the updated list of prohibited items to have in your luggage:

  • Dry coconut (khopra)
  • Pickles
  • Ghee
  • Paint
  • Oily foods
  • e-cigarettes
  • Lighters
  • Power bank
  • Camphor
  • Spray bottles