In the game of fermented foods, India remains unbeaten. We do not only produce the best fermented foods, but we also have a wide variety of them. Pickle, more commonly known as achar, in India, is a beloved side dish which is enjoyed by everyone. They are available all around the year and we cherish them to the core. The technique of making achar is quite onerous and also requires a fair amount of skill. From picking up the best ingredient to preparing masala, making achar is truly a labour of love. The recipe of achar is also passed down from generation to generation like a precious heirloom. India has a gamut of pickles- mango pickle, lemon pickle, chilli pickle, ginger pickle and garlic pickle- are just few among them. There is probably no vegetable left which hasn’t been whipped into a tangy pickle. However, what is fairly lesser-known in comparison are the non-vegetarian pickles. The idea of non-veg pickles may surprise you a bit, but they are very common in Southern and North-Eastern regions of India. If you haven’t tried it yet, then here are some of our favourite non-vegetarian pickles that will surely impress you, with their enticing flavours.

1. Punjabi Murgh Achar

Starting off with the achar which lives up to its name. Just like the other non-vegetarian dishes in Punjabi cuisine, this Punjabi murgh achar is also lip-smacking and rich. In this recipe, the succulent pieces of chicken are tossed in a piquant mix of achar masala which are then stir fried on high flame. This achar can easily amp up your humble bowl of rice and chapatis.

2. Khasi smoked pork pickle

Khasi smoked pork pickle is a delightful treat for meat lovers. The pickle is made using pork which is smoked to perfection in typical Khasi style of Meghalaya. In this recipe, the pickle is not laden with heavy spices or herbs, but the smoked flavour of pork itself provides an intense nuance.

3. Gosht ka Achaar

All the spice lovers, be ready for this hot stuff. The juicy mutton chunks are glazed with fiery hot curry-style paste of Guntur chillies and aromatic spices. This pickle is a recipe of pure joy for all the foodies out there. They are so delish that you might gorge upon them as is. 

4. Prawn Balchao

Prawn balchao hails from Goa. This pickle is prepared in Parsi-style with prawn and various spices, giving it an indigenous touch. The Prawn balchao pickle is a classic Goan side dish, you don't want to miss. 

5. Chicken Vindaloo Pickle

Chicken vindaloo pickle is mostly enjoyed in the southern parts of the subcontinent. It is prepared with tender chicken pieces that are seasoned with red hot chillies, chicken broth, white wine vinegar and a mélange of whole and ground spices. This makes the dish delectable in its own right.

Slurping much? Do let us know if you tried any one of them.