Indian Vs American Airplane Food: Vlogger Declares The Winner

People living abroad have often found Indian food delicious because of the flavours induced into it with the use of spices. However, many also have reported not liking the taste because of the spiciness. Karl Rice, a Hindi-speaking Kiwi ex-pat who extensively travels in India and shows his fans a glimpse into his journey through the country and its neighbours, recently took to his YouTube Channel, Karl Rock, to share what he thinks about Indian and American foods in a flight.

Video Credit: Karl Rocks/YouTube

How many times have you ordered food on the flight? You are often served with flavourful ready-to-cook meals, especially if you are travelling in India. From poha and rajma-rice to sandwiches and grilled chicken, there is a variety of dishes offered by airlines, depending on the customised menu. For example, if you travel in SpiceJet, you can order dishes from an exclusively customised menu by none other than Michelin star-chef Vikas Khanna.

Ask any Indian travelling on a flight, and most of them will tell you that the food on any airline tastes okay-ish. While there is a scientific explanation behind why food tastes the way it does when you are flying thousands of feet above the ground, Karl Rock had a complaint regarding why there was a stark difference in Indian and American meals.

He shared a shot on his YouTube channel in which he shared with his fans that it was the first time he was travelling in a premium economy section. He documented and shared a sneak peek into what he got for breakfast and other meals while flying out of India and America. 

For Indian meals, he was served spiced chicken curry along with fresh salad, curd, biscuits, baked potatoes, sauteed vegetables, pickles, dessert, and butter. For breakfast, he got fresh fruits, omelette, croissant, curd, sausages, and a few other things on the side. He said he enjoyed the food and called it “set up.”

While flying over New York, he got “rubbery processed chicken” served with flavourless curry and bland rice. For breakfast also, Karl was served rice and ‘sloppy’ mixed vegetables. He did not enjoy his meals while flying out of America and called it “jail food.” The vlogger mentioned that he loves American food that includes biscuits, grits, and barbeque, but he was served in the American airline, wasn't it? 

For Karl, it was a brainer that Indian food was a clear winner because it was fresh and flavourful compared to American processed and bland food. In the end, he asked his viewers to share their thoughts on which meal they would like to enjoy. An Indian commented, “This man is becoming more Indian than we are.” One user pointed out that the vlogger knows how to grab the attention of the Indian audience. A netizen was spotted taking pride in Indian cuisine and wrote, “No one comes close to Indian food, it’s just too good.”